The thing which we love most about our smartphone is the services we get using various apps. Smartphone apps and games are what makes the phone smart and they one of the most talked about things these days.

There are various smartphone OS available in the market and each of them are having their own app store from where a user download apps, free or paid. We all download various games and apps on our smartphones, most of the time getting recommendations from the app store itself which is not a good idea. When it comes for the recommendations, we always prefer to listen our friends and real people having the hands-on experience with that thing.
Nokia App Social
Nokia is out with an innovative idea of combining the social media with app store to help the user get the best apps and games on their smartphone, recommended by real people and their own friends. Nokia App Social ( is an app store which works on the concept of “Sharing is caring.”

The concept behind AppSocial is really simple and totally based on social media. App Social let you discover new apps and games based on the list you follows. You can follow the list prepared by your friends or other popular influencers on App Social.

Other than that, you can create a list of your favorite apps and share it with your friends and App Social community. You can also follow a list, share it and rate it to help other AppSocial users.

Nokia App Social
Since the concept behind App Social is new and unique, you will find it different than other app stores. There is no app categories or game genres at the App Social. Instead of that you will find these different sections :

Spotlight – As the name suggests, all the highlighted apps are listed here.

Apps Feed – Here you can find the feed of all the activities, apps added recently to the lists etc

Leaderboard – It is having multiple sections covering the Most Listed Apps, Most Followed Users, Most Loved Lists, Top Downloaders, Lists having most numbers of apps etc

Featured – This section features the most popular App Social lists related to a specific niche like music, gaming etc.
Nokia App Social
Creating a list of your favorite apps on App Social is also very easy. All you need to do is to give a name to your list, select a header image and start adding the app and games in your list. Once you are done, you can share your AppSocial list with your friends.

Visit , download the App Social app on your Nokia Lumia smartphone from the Windows Phone Store and experience a new kind of app store by yourself. And feel free to share in the Comments section below that which lists you are following and going to create on your App Social profile.

This post was written as part of a partnership with Nokia, however all thoughts and opinions are mine.