For Christmas I am getting a new iPhone. I have been waiting for this moment for an extremely long time. Smart phones are one of the most innovative and technological devices that has been invented in the last few years. Smart phones, Droids, iPhones and Blackberrys have changed the way people do business and the way people communicate.These phones have increased the connections between people. On the downside to all of this, smart phones have consumed people's lives. If a person forgets their phone at home they have major withdrawals and issues without it, especially college students. Here are some suggestions on how to not get too attached to your smart phone.

smartphones addiction

Smartphone Addiction - How To Get Rid Of It?

Leave It At Home

I know, I know. It sounds terrifying right? If you are going somewhere where you definitely will not need it, try leaving it at home. Start with the small stuff like leaving it at home when you hang out with your friends and you don't need it. Go to the grocery store without it. Go to a movie without it. Gradually you will be able to leave it at home sometimes without having a mini heart attack.

Delete Some Apps

You probably have every single free app that's out there right? From Words with Friends to Angry Birds, these apps are really fun to have but they are also excellent time-wasters. While you are in school, you do not need games to occupy your time. Time is for homework and class and if there is leftover time, you can have a social life. Games and other applications that just waste your time should be deleted. When summer time rolls around, you can re-download them. As for now though, focusing on school should be your number one priority.

Count Your Usage

Keep track of how many times a day you check your Facebook and email. Then, cut that number down every single day until you no longer rely on checking it. Checking your Facebook over and over can become quite addicting. You are not going to get an urgent update every 5 minutes of your day so stop checking! Once you count how many times you check, you are going to feel ridiculous for doing it that many times. Then you will be a lot more inclined to stop checking your emails so many times.

Stay Strong

Throughout this whole process you are going to have to be really strong. You will also have to be extremely aware of everything you are doing on your phone. Pay attention to how many times you use your phone a day. Try not to think about using your phone for everything. If your phone beeps or rings, don't reach for it instantly. Answer it when it's convenient for you. If you are revolving your life around your phone, you need to figure out where your priorities really are. Smart phones are an amazing tool and you should use them when you really need to. Just don't let your phone run your life.