When it comes to searching for a new job, there are a wide variety of options and tools available. In the past, one would simply look in the classified section of the newspaper for a new position. With the Internet, there are a wider variety of jobs available to view. When one is away from the computer, there are many great iPhone apps that can assist with the job search. The following apps will hopefully help to land a new job:

- Craigslist
- Snagajob
- Monster
- FeedlerRSS
- Indeed Job Search

Top 5 iPhone Apps For Finding A Job Online

Top 5 iPhone Apps For Finding A Job Online

One place that more and more employers are utilizing for job postings would be Craigslist. There are a wide variety of jobs that are listed on this app. One can easily search by a particular keyword or can browse all of the most recent job postings. Once an interesting listing is found, it can be e-mailed for viewing on the computer or one is able to apply right from the iPhone. It is usually recommended that the application be done on the computer so one can ensure that all formatting is correctly done.

Another useful app for the job search would be Snagajob. This is a very straight forward app that displays all of the local jobs that are available. This will display a wide variety of blue-collar jobs that does not seem to offer a decent variety of management or higher level positions. There is also the option to sign up for job alerts for a particular area code.

Monster.com is a popular employment website. The Monster app is similar in design and users are able to log in to the app using a monster account. Again, it is recommended to do the actual application online when possible.

In addition to specific job search apps, setting up RSS feeds for various job hunting sites is very useful. FeedlerRSS offers a free and paid app that can be linked to a Google Reader account. By setting up several job related RSS feeds, the user is able to go to one app for the information as opposed to searching various other apps or websites.

Finally, the Indeed Job Search app is another great tool. A nice feature of this one would be that recent searches are saved. When starting the app, one that will see a listing of the most recent searches and whether or not there are any new listings for these. This helps to narrow down the search and quickly review new opportunities.

There is an option to login with a user account. A major benefit of this would be that jobs can be saved on the app and then this is synced to the online account. This feature makes it easy to go back to the computer and find the listing that was recently looked at on the phone.

Finding the perfect job can sometimes take time, but with persistence, diligence and a positive attitude the perfect one can be found with the help of various apps.