There is no doubt that Samsung GALAXY Note is one of the best smartphone available in the market and it is a jumbo smartphone. And seems like Jumbo likes Jumbo. Here is an elephant Peter who likes to play with the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Peter uses the touchscreen to view the images and the S Pen of the Samsung Galaxy Note to draw the lines on the device screen. He also uses the camera of the Galaxy Note to take pictures, play virtual musical instruments like drums and piano on the Samsung GALAXY Note.

Elephant plays with the Samsung Galaxy Note (Videos)

Not sure if this video is by the Samsung guys for promotion and marketing or it is by a user. But one thing is sure that this Smart Elephant knows how to handle a smartphone. Watch the video given below.

Elephant plays with the Samsung GALAXY Note (Video)

Elephant play drums on Samsung GALAXY Note

Elephant plays piano on Samsung GALAXY Note