From college students to CEO's, the iPad has proven itself as a valuable tool. This would not have been possible without the availability of apps that target the needs of every user. For those running a business or constantly working on the go, there are apps for you as well. Here are 6 of the best business apps for the iPad to keep you productive.

Top 6 Business Apps for iPad


Top 6 Business Apps for iPad - WebEx

These days, meetings are taking place remotely and leaving the conference rooms empty. If you are looking for a way to join a meeting from the comfort of home or even your favorite coffee shop, WebEx is the app for that. The app allows you to freely join an online meeting via voice or text chat. Users don't need to have a WebEx subscription to join a meeting; however you do need one to host a meeting.

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Top 6 Business Apps for iPad - Bento

Geared toward small business owners and home users, Bento is the perfect database app. It is designed for those users who want a powerful database without learning the complex Syntax of the standard database systems. The app comes with 25 built-in templates for everything from event-planning to inventory and even helps manage expenses. Mac users can also sync the Bento app automatically.

Instapaper Pro

There never seems to be enough time in the day. If you utilize the information found on the web to complete tasks or research projects, sometimes you don’t have time to read through it all. That is where Instapaper Pro comes in. This small app saves the web pages so you can read them offline no matter where you are. If you are commuting by train, plane, or automobile you can read the information on the sites at any time.

VNC Viewer

Top 6 Business Apps for iPad - VNC Viewer

There may be times when you just forget your important documents or realize you don't have time to go home or to the office and fetch files you want to change. VNC Viewer allows you to take your home or office computer with you. The app allows you to remotely access your computer and view everything it contains as if you were there. This is perfect for those who don't want to carry everything with them but want to be able to fetch the files later.

Cloud computing is changing the way files are stored and shared. The iPad is a tool for Cloud computing that many users are utilizing.'s app allows you to upload and download your files in the cloud as you need them. The free Lite version includes 1GB of storage space. However, the expanded version of the app allows you to collaborate with others, designate files to share, and even allow them to change and edit the files.

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File Viewer to Go

Top 6 Business Apps for iPad - File Viewer to Go

As magnificent as the iPad is, some users still prefer the computer. File Viewer to Go allows you to access your iPad from your computer so you can upload documents, create folders, and organize all of your files. By connecting through the same wireless connection as your computer, you can keep your iPad neat and clean without the added frustration of tapping and dragging on the iPad's screen.

The business world has undergone many changes in the past few years. Computing is mobile and apps are becoming the new desktop. For those who are engulfed in the day to day tasks of business, there are apps to keep you productive and organized.