There are so many excellent news aggregator apps available for the iPhone and iPad at the moment that users are spoilt for choice. These clever apps help you to stay up to date with all the latest news items, gossip and trends. The best of these apps will allow you to check news bulletins, read articles and keep up with any topics you have expressed an interest in.To help you get started here are what I consider to be the top ten news aggregator apps currently available in the AppStore.

Top 10 News Aggregator Apps for iPhone & iPad

Pulse News

Top 10 News Aggregator Apps for iPhone & iPad - Pulse News

One of the most popular news aggregators amongst iPad users. The app offers a fun, user-friendly interface that allows you to search for and save stories of interest. It also allows you to share sync them between your iPad and iPhone. The beauty of this app is that it can access a monumental amount of RSS feeds, meaning when the news breaks you get it first. Let's face it, the fact that it's free is a big bonus.

Read it Later

Top 10 News Aggregator Apps for iPhone & iPad - Read it Later

One of my own personal favourites. The 'Read It Later' app allows you to save webpages you may not have the time to read, so you can go back and read them later in PDF format or live on the browser. The pages you save are added to a list easily by clicking the 'read later' tab at the top of your browser. Another knacky feature is the ability to download the contents of the app and read offline at any time you want. Another free app, however there is also an option to upgrade to the Pro Version which features additional link sharing and Google Reader access.

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Top 10 News Aggregator Apps for iPhone & iPad - iReddit

Definitely one of the most extensive online news aggregator apps available. With iReddit you can view thousands of pages of interesting topics. The easy to use sub-categories make for an enjoyable browsing experience. Use the 'shake' function to opt for random stories. Free to all!!


Top 10 News Aggregator Apps for iPhone & iPad - Flipboard

A popular magazine style news app. Flipboard works best for those who are involved in busy social media circles and have plenty of link shares. The app does take some time setting up with your account details and personalisation of your preferences, but it's well worth it. Another free app from the AppStore.


Top 10 News Aggregator Apps for iPhone & iPad - Feedly

Another magazine style news aggregator that makes it so easy to combine Twitter, Read it Later, Instapaper and Google Reader in one place. Not quite as funky as Pulse this is still a great app that offers free news capabilities.

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Top 10 News Aggregator Apps for iPhone & iPad -

This is a subscription only news aggregator and requires your sign up details and a small weekly payment of £0.70/$1. A fair price to pay when receiving news feeds from top news sources such as AP, New York Times and Gawker. The app download itself is free.


Top 10 News Aggregator Apps for iPhone & iPad - SkyGrid

More magazine style aggregation for your iPad is available with SkyGrid. SkyGrid offers users a 'follow' way of tracking stories from a wide range of websites. Real time updates ensure you are kept informed of all the latest developments. Price = 0.00


Top 10 News Aggregator Apps for iPhone & iPad - Taptu

Taptu helps you access almost every news feed available and browsing through them couldn't be easier to manage. Also offers access to Google Reader. Zero cost.

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Top 10 News Aggregator Apps for iPhone & iPad - HitPad

HitPad offers you bite-size chunks of trending news across from across the Internet. This is a free, fast and fun looking app that gives you a quick fix of the latest news.


Top 10 News Aggregator Apps for iPhone & iPad - Reeder

With Reeder you can search online articles and RSS feeds and view them on your device quickly and easily. This app costs around £2.99/£5 to download.

News aggregator apps are a great addition for those who like to stay ahead of the pack. Most of these are free so it's worth shopping around and finding one that suits you best.