Just because your parents or grandparents aren't considered part of the "tech generation," necessarily, doesn't mean they won't benefit from using some of the options that are out there. If the older adult in your life seems to have an itch for the tech-savvy products on the market today, get them a smartphone or a tablet and get them to work using these awesome apps that will only help them through their daily lives!

Top 6 iPhone & iPad Apps For the Elderly

Magnifying Glass

Top 6 iPhone & iPad Apps For the Elderly - Magnifying Glass

This totally free app is perfect for older adults that have a little bit of difficulty seeing. It's really simple - you start up the app, and hold it against text. The app will use the zoom feature on your phone or tablet camera to enlarge the print like a magnifying glass.

And an added bonus - the app comes with a "flashlight" setting. It uses the flash from your phone or tablet's camera to illuminate the text that it is magnifying, making it even that much easier to read!

SmartMoney Retirement Planner

Top 6 iPhone & iPad  Apps For the Elderly - SmartMoney Retirement Planner

Now everyone nearing retirement or already in it can visualize their retirement plans on an iPhone or iPad.

You can start planning for retirement alone or with a spouse as early as you'd like with this app, budget for the amount of social security you expect to be getting as you near retirement and even optimize your savings for taxes and adjust your retirement spending habits.

The app will also help you visualize how the current state of the economy will affect your retirement money with charts, graphs and numbers. Oh, and save all of your money for retirement - this app is free!

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Med Reminder Pro

Top 6 iPhone & iPad  Apps For the Elderly - Med Reminder Pro

This is a handy app that you can purchase for just $2.99 that insures you or the older adult in your life takes all of the necessary pills all at the exact scheduled time they're supposed to be taken every single day.

It's a great way to organize multiple medications and keep track of when each one is supposed to be taken. Simply add each medication you have to the app, and set alarms and reminders for when each one is supposed to be taken. The app does the rest - and it was designed by a pharmacist, so it is very reliable. You'll never forget your medicine again!

Motion Doctor

Top 6 iPhone & iPad  Apps For the Elderly - Motion Doctor

Have an ache or pain, or afraid of one developing? Motion Doctor to the rescue!

This handy app features high quality videos and explanations for a number of different physical therapy type exercises and stretches to perform for relief of any ache or pain. You can filter exercises by body part, profession, sport or activity to find one that's just right for your needs

You can bookmark your favorite exercises and even bring them to show your doctor. If you don't have a physical therapist and don't know where to find one, Motion Doctor also allows you to search your local area for nearby therapists and doctors.

Physical therapists around the world are actually recommending this app to patients as an extension of their home exercise programs. It will cost you though - the app is $14.99, but can be the perfect companion for anyone hoping to remain pain and injury free through any kind of exercise or activities.

HeartWise Blood Pressure Tracker

Top 6 iPhone & iPad  Apps For the Elderly - HeartWise Blood Pressure Tracker

Get rid of any notebooks or pads of paper you're currently using to keep track of blood pressure, resting heart rate and weight. There's an app for that.

While there are other apps on the market that are meant to be used in conjunction with an actual blood pressure machine that will take, record and track your blood pressure, HeartWise is the best app on the market for recording and tracking your health.

Once you manually take your blood pressure and enter your information into this app, it helps you visualize how your blood pressure and your overall health change throughout the day. Track your resting heart rate (pulse) and weight, too, to make sure you're staying healthy.

The app is free and also features an export option that allows you to export all of your personal data you have stored into one handy spreadsheet that you can email to yourself or even your doctor.


Top 6 iPhone & iPad  Apps For the Elderly - Crosswords

To bring out the fun in the older adult in your life, download the Crosswords app on their iPhone or iPad for them. They won't have to wait for the daily newspaper to arrive anymore to do their favorite puzzles!

This app pulls crosswords that are posted online by newspapers across the country, so they're the real thing, but there is access to so many more puzzles than you could ever imagine! With so many to choose from, you can play several in a day if you so desire.

You can even sync your games to your other devices. Say you start a puzzle on your iPad and want to finish it later when you don't have your iPad, it's OK, you can finish it on your iPhone! The app is $9.99 because of its insane popularity, but it's the perfect gaming companion for the older adult in your life.