Your iPad brings you endless possibilities for utility and entertainment. Staying connected on the go has never been easier or more convenient, and the high resolution graphics capabilities make for a unique gaming experience. There are lots of great games available for the iPad, and role playing games are particularly thrilling as they continually improve and evolve. Here are some of the best role playing games for your iPad.

Top 5 Role Playing Games for Your iPad

Aralon : Sword and Shadow HD

Top 5 Role Playing Games for  iPad - Aralon : Sword and Shadow HD

In this epic 3D game you’ll explore the world of Aralon and more than 80 locations. The high-quality graphics make this game one of the best available. Play the hero in either first or third person, and complete countless quests and achievements. You can play as a human, elf, or troll, and there are four classes of each.

There are eight mountable animals including dragons and horses, and you can do a variety of things like pick-pocketing, herb gathering and potion crafting. There are hundreds of items to collect, and you can battle your enemies with dual weapon wielding. Play for over 30 hours of quests, and enjoy the original soundtrack.

Eden – World Builder

This is a creative block building game that may appear simple but is far from it. In this game, you can create your own personal Eden, or any type of world you desire. You use a variety of block types to build your world from scratch. Block types include ice, lava, glass, water, trampolines, ladders, vines, and more, and paint them any color you wish. When you’re done building your world, you can use powerful fire and explosives to destroy it entirely. There is also a community where you can share your worlds with others. This game is easy-to-use, and it is completely addicting.

Final Fantasy Tactics : The War of the Lions

If you’re a fan of the Final Fantasy game series, this is a great game option for you. It brings the world of Ivalice to your iPad with optimized graphics. This is tactical gaming at its best, with intense strategic battles. Build your character with jobs, battles and equipment, and enjoy hours of game play that is unique to Final Fantasy.

Galactic Phantasy

Top 5 Role Playing Games for  iPad - Galactic Phantasy

The high resolution graphics of this incredible 3D space journey are greatly impressive. You play the son of the Galaxy Pirate King, and you’ll build up your fleet of spaceships to uncover the secret of the galaxy. There are over 40 hours of game play.

There are 37 different ships that are completely customizable with more than 200 pieces of equipment and 200 crew members. Explore star systems, starports, and pirate kingdoms as you increase your wealth through trading and completing missions. This is a very dynamic and action-packed game that you’ll become easily immersed in.

Cartoon Wars

In this strategic game, battle is waged by cartoon stick figures. You’ll fight as the Color Tribe against the Black and White Tribe. It may seem bland, but you’ll love the infinite number of levels as you build up your army’s capabilities and defense. There are 30 different types of units, and 16 different upgrades for your castle and more. Coordinate your attacks to defeat your enemies, and help your unit reach veteran status. The stick figures are charming and the 2D graphics are superbly drawn.