You're the envy of all your friends because you got the iPhone 4S as a Christmas present - but just in case you were getting a big head, here are a few different cell phones that you will never be able to afford that are just a tad bit cooler, more interesting a blingy-er than your plain ol' iPhone 4S.

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Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

Stuart Hughes iPhone 4, Diamond Rose Edition

Forget Swarovski crystals - these days the must have bling for your iPhone is the real thing - diamonds.

If you have $8 million (yes, million) to spend on your phone, you should get the Stuart Hughes iPhone 4, Diamond Rose Edition. What does $8 million dollars for a phone get you? Not only do you get a rose-gold cell phone body, but that gold is covered in 100 karats of flawless diamonds - including the Apple logo on the back. For the kicker - the main show, the jaw-dropper, that is the 7.4 karat pink diamond that functions as your home button.

This cell phone is believed to be the world's most expensive cell phone - and rightfully so.

Other diamond-encrusted iPhones are offered by Tiffany & Co., Motorola and Disney - for those times that you really want to spoil your child. (I don't know if I would trust a diamond phone to a child...they'd find a way to break it somehow. Plus, I'm sure they would be just as entertained with cubic zirconia).

Walk With The Dinosaurs

History edition iPhone

If you go for a different kind of bling, this phone might be the one for you. From the same company that makes the diamond encrusted iPhone mentioned above, this phone is for the boys...or the paleontologists.

This "History edition" iPhone has the real tooth of a T-Rex shaved and splintered actually incorporated into the back plate of this phone.

African Blackwood

Gressor Luxor Las Vegas phone model - Extraordinary iPhones & Cell Phones

African blackwood is one of the rarest woods yet on the planet - and the most expensive. Prized by woodwind instrument crafters to modern day phone companies (apparently, at least) African blackwood is as resilient as it is durable - though I don't know how well it would survive a long drop, and with the price-tag, I wouldn't want to try.

But if you would like to spend a cool million on a phone with this prized wood, check out the Gresso Luxor Las Vegas phone model - it has diamonds as well. The phone makes me think "mob boss wife" or "wannabe mafioso." But hey, if that's your thing, then this is the phone for you. Or hey, maybe you grew up playing a woodwind instrument and this phone has just the right dose of nostalgia for you.

This model doesn't seem to be made for the iPhone like the others - but if you're really dying to have it, I'm sure Gresso could come up with a suitable design for you - for an additional fee, of course.

And of course if you want to be a little less...flashy about your wealth, you can always just get a plain ol' gold case for a mere $30K.

These are just a few of the more interesting and expensive phones out there - and there are always those that are willing to make a custom phone to whatever your whim may a price.

Here's to hoping that you get one of these phones next year!