One of the many things which are popular in an iPhone is the 'Slide To Unlock' lock screen. Apple is even having the copyrights of it. But if you are not having the iPhone and love the 'Slide To Unlock' lock screen then, you do not need to worry if you are an Android smartphone user.

HOW TO : Get the iPhone Lock Screen on your Android phone

iPhone Lock Screen Theme Pro is a free Android app which provides the 'Slide To Unlock' lock screen on your Android phone. You can use various backgrounds on the lock screen. The pre-installed backgrounds on the app are abstract, maple leaf, sakura flowers, koi fish aquarium, rainy day, hearts, balloons, bubble, sky, snowfall, and fireworks.

You can download more backgrounds if you want. You can also enable or disable the sound in the app. From the lockscreen itself, you can play or pause the music and change the tracks.