During the college years, young adults learn about themselves, friendships, freedom and so much more about the world. College students are busy people with little time left over after studying, working and socializing. Access to college life blogs gives today's students an edge over students of yesteryear. Blogs provide students with advice on career planning, relationships, partying, style and other essential subjects.

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Top 10 Blogs for College Students

Top 10 Blogs for College Students


The Lifehacker blog is all about maneuvering new technologies. The blog explains complicated technological information in ways that any college student can understand. Lifehacker helps students make informed decisions about the technology available to make their lives easier.


Kineda is a fashion-trend and lifestyle blog that's sure to keep college kids in the hip circle. The blog covers celebrity news, style tips, health and fitness, and party ideas. It's not going to help anyone pass a biology test, but it might offer pointers on how to snag the cutest guy in class.


Gizmodo is an offshoot of Lifehacker. It brings college students all the latest information on new, must-have technological gadgets and gizmos, allowing them to stay in sync with the cool trends.


Like it or not, celebrities are huge role models in the lives of many Americans. College students often obsess over the hottest stars, wondering who's dating whom, who's pregnant, who's divorced, and who's behaving badly. Perez Hilton keeps you informed of the day-to-day happenings in Hollywood, so you've always got something to talk about when you make new friends.

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College students are checking out Boing Boing to pick up interesting conversation starters for their next big event. The blog provides newsworthy stories that probably won't be broadcast on national news stations. The material is intelligent, varied and fun to read.


TreeHugger helps students learn about important environmental issues. It provides tips on saving energy and leaving a lighter footprint on Earth. TreeHugger helps students be informed about the issues they care about.


Though not as popular as other blogs, Bold Career helps students with the realities of college life. The blog helps students plan for the future with career-related information and other tips. Whether students are interested in criminal justice careers, the healthcare industry, or careers in business, they can find useful information at Bold Career.


While politics often take a backseat in the lives of college students, it's important for young voters to be informed. America Blog offers students important political information about our government.

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Talk Nerdy 2 Me allows students to find it all in one place. Geeky, trendy, healthy, or somewhere in between, Talk Nerdy offers a page for every student. Information posted on the blog is current and interesting. Students can learn about music, fashion, fitness, technology and business.


Zen College Life is appropriate for students even before they begin college. It provides useful information on the college application process, financial aid options, and anything else that's college related. Students can look at career guides, review online colleges, and find information about college grants.

These top college blogs are definitely worth checking out. Find more helpful career advice at the CriminalJusticeOnlineBlog.com.