The Internet is full of free entertainment. Simply connecting to the web can open an entire world of music, movies and TV shows. Check out some of the best websites to get free music and movies without paying a cent.

All of these services are free and legal. Most of them make their money by displaying advertisements or offering you premium services for an extra cost. We’ll clearly define what you get for your money on such sites. Check out some of these popular and exciting sites.

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Top 10 Legal Sites for Free Music & Videos - Hot Girl Listening Music

Top 10 Sites for Listening/Downloading Free Music & Videos Legally


Pandora is an online radio station that allows you to customize the station to your listening pleasure. Each free track you listen to can be rated with a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down.” The system analyzes the songs you like and don’t like and adjusts what it plays to match. The more you use Pandora, the more it gets to know your taste in music and recommends new streaming tracks.

Pandora is totally free and can run on any computer or mobile devices like iPhone or an Android Smartphone. You’ll have to see a few advertisements with the free version. You’ll also be limited to how many songs you can skip over. Upgrading to the paid version removes all these restrictions.


Television has always been advertisement-driven. Hulu takes the normal TV format and puts it online. Sure, you’ll have to watch a few ads during your program but you can watch programs when you want. The free version of Hulu has restrictions on what you can watch and when you can watch them. For instance, many currently running shows only have two or three episodes available and are usually one episode behind what is currently playing on TV.


You might not think of Amazon as a place to get free music. However, if you search for free downloads, you’ll find lots of artists are regularly giving away awesome tracks. Check back regularly for more music.

If you’re looking for lots of underground and diverse music, check out There are not only loads of streaming music but lots of free mp3 downloads from big name bands.


While they’re in the business to sell you music, 7digital offers lots of free downloads on a weekly basis. They even have free audio books.

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Top 10 Legal Sites for Free Music & Videos - Free Amazon MP3

Spinner Mp3 of the Day

This AOL project has a free Mp3 each day. They feature lots of indie rock bands and exclusive tracks.

Free Music Archive

This site legally hosts all sorts of pre-cleared free podcasts, videos and music that can be downloaded. Various genres are maintained and popular tracks are highlighted.


Epitonic offers streaming audio and artist profiles that have articles, interviews and selected tracks available for your listening pleasure. has been around since the rise of digital music popularity. They offer loads of free tracks from big-name artists. By checking all of these sites on a regular basis, you’ll find that your mp3 player will be overflowing with lots of free music. You might even have more music than you can keep up with!


You might think that YouTube is just for watching news, previews and user-created content. While its true that this is the primary use for the site, tons of music videos and audio-only tracks are available for your listening pleasure. Creating a playlist or a channel that automatically plays the next track turns YouTube into a dynamic radio station.

If you want to take some of those tracks to go, there are ways to convert YouTube to mp3 format. Sites like let you easily convert your favorite videos into mp3 files. You can convert YouTube to mp3 to put your songs on your mp3 player and take them with you.