As smart phones, laptops and tablet computers gradually makes our lives incredibly efficient and exceptionally less sociable, there are certain technological advances which have gained from our insatiable appetite to get ‘in the zone’ and work from every location possible. As you step on that steamy bus in the morning, or hop onto a packed carriage on your way to London Victoria, there’s no escaping the digital escapism that adorns our everyday lives.

iPod’s and MP3 players have been at the very forefront of this revolution. It is now more remarkable to find someone who is not engaged in some kind of mobile entertainment whilst travelling. Those white Apple ear buds have become too familiar, a symbol of a generation who fixated and thrive on having personalised entertainment wherever they go. Apple’s iPod has in particular dramatically changed the accessibility of music. As we all spend more and more time listening to music, watching movies and digesting stimulating web content from a variety of locations. This has made the type of headphones we purchase become all the more important. After all, if we’re going to be listening to music every day, we want to ensure we’re getting the best possible quality.

Below is a list of the best headphones for music lovers currently on the market for a variety of different audio purposes. Remember, as trusted as Apple’s pure white ear buds are, there are plenty of other alternatives for those who seek the optimum best in audio entertainment.

Top 5 Headphones for Music Lovers

Beats By Dre SOLO HD (£169.00)

Beats by Dre SOLO 2

The Monster Beats by Dr Dre headphones range has been symbolic in the rise of general music lovers taking a more serious approach to enjoying quality sounding music. The fact that legendary Hip-Hop producer and obsessive perfectionist Dr Dre played a part in producing the headphones has seen them become even more popular. The SOLO 2 headphones are the mid-range Beats By Dre option, great for those who take their music seriously but aren’t necessarily producers looking for studio quality headphones.

Beats by Dre Tour 2 Headphones

The Beats By Dre Tour 2 headphones are the in-ear range produced by Monster in association with Dr Dre. Again, despite their smaller size, quality has not been compromised and these were made to be the best high resolution in ear headphones on the market. These in ear headphones are perfect for those who listen to music regularly on the go, and particularly great for those who listen to music whilst running or working out. There is even a built in ControlTalk device which allows for high quality hands free calling through your mobile.

Sennheiser HD 598 Cs

Sennheiser has long been one of the market leaders for in ear and over ear DJ headphones. Their HD25 range has proven particularly popular for audio philes. However the HD 598 Cs Sennheiser headphones are a great alternative for under £200.00. These headphones are ideal for bedroom producers with their flexible, ergonomic design allowing for plenty of all night sessions on Logic Pro.

Zumreed X2 Hybrid Headphones

These headphones make the list purely for their innovative design. The Zumreed X2 Hybrid headphones double up as cool portable speakers. They take advantage of that ‘let’s play our music loud on the bus’ niche. Just a simple switch enables the user to switch the music between being played in ear or externally. Better yet, one hour of battery charging allows for four hours of musical pleasure.

Bose SoundTrue Over Ear Headphones

These Bose headphones are a great alternative for those who want the quality of Beats By Dre headphones on the go, without the desire to attract attention to them as a fashion accessory. Bose headphones ooze style and quality and the SoundTrue’s offer impressive clarity across high and low frequencies. They’re an all round comfortable pair of headphones which will enhance any audio entertainment at home or whilst travelling.