These days there are a number of people learning various web technologies in their spare time. Because the Internet has grown so much this has become something that can be very beneficial for you. The knowledge you could learn developing websites in college could cost thousands of dollars and their is no guarantee that you will have the best professor or resources to work with.

The truth is that the Internet itself is the best resource that you have to learn online technologies. The outlets of information that you could use are endless. Of course, some stand out more than others. Everyone's learning styles are different but there are a few great places that I would recommend learning web design on the Internet.

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Top 5 Websites to Learn Coding Online

Top 5 Websites to Learn Coding on the Internet


This website is something that you may have already come across. It ranks for almost anything you type into Google's search. With that being said, it is a great places if you are just starting out. This is one school where you won't be needing school supplies! They have great tips and they make it easy to try out different code with their interactive examples. Look here first to test some things you may be interested in. It is also a great reference guide.

Free CSS Templates

This website is great for a number of reasons. They have really great resources to teach you valuable lessons and they also have a ton a freebies. Whether you want a complete layout with CSS, graphics, buttons, or code snippets - they have it. This is a great resource when you are ready to start coding your first web page or web site.

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CSS Tricks

This really is a great place to start learning code on the Internet. Although you can certainly find a lot o information on CSS, they also feature a wide array of other web languages. You can view blog posts, try out snippets of code, and even ask questions in the forums. They even give you resources to find useful things, like various web development strategies. Great place to learn a lot and in a very enjoyable way.

This is one of the best places to learn the value in php. You have many resources at your fingertips. This site covers every aspect of php but also is suiting for beginners. There is a great introductory tutorial and if you stick around long enough there is enough information that can help you build your own CMS.

Code Academy

This site is one of my particular favorites. You can learn many different languages and it is all designed to be learn as you go. It is sort of all you can learn for free coding website. I highly suggest that you take advantage of this site. You can really learn a lot and it is FREE! Make sure you check this one out. It is a new site and they have just received a round of funding that I think will really help them to take off.

Learning web development languages is a great way to add to your professional skill set. Especially if you are already interested in blogging. These sites will give you a great head start if you use them correctly. Using the Internet to learn code, is the fastest way!