Google Product Search is a unique feature of Google that lets retail merchants list their products in Google’s search engine results. When an Internet surfer is shopping online, they have the option to filter their search results to “Shopping.”

As a retailer, you want your products in these search engine results. In order to accomplish this, you must set up a Google Merchant Center, enter your business information and submit your product feed to Google Product Search. Google provides step-by-step instructions on how to format your text document prior to submission. Once you have it formatted, you upload it to their servers.

How to Submit Your Product Feed to Google Product Search

How to Submit Your Product Feed to Google Product Search

Sign Up With Google Merchant Center

After logging in to your Google account, you are re-directed to the Google Merchant Center terms of service. You need to accept their terms before you are can set up your product feed. From here, you configure your account by giving Google your business name, description, website URL, and private contact information. Save your information to move on to the next page.

Configure a Data Feed

Upload your data feed text file. This file must include the attributes set forth in the Google Product Feed Specifications for the specific item you are uploading. The exact fields you need depends on the type of product you are selling on Google Product Search. For example, apparel items have different requirements than electronic items such as color and size. Google provides a link to their Product Feed Specifications page for you to set up your document.

On the page to configure your data feed, you specify your country of origin. Enter the name of your spreadsheet and click the button to save your changes. You can also use Google Spreadsheets to set up your product feed. This is helpful for those who use Google Docs for inventory purposes. If you already have your document set up in Google Docs you can choose to specify it on the Configure Data Feed page.

Upload Now

Once you have your data feed document set up, you click the button to “Upload Now.” This uploads your data feed into Google Product Search. The “Data Feeds” page in your Google Merchant Center account shows your current feeds, their status and the last date your updated the feed.

Online retailers want their products in Google Product Search. It greatly increases your exposure, sales and customer base. Google makes it very simple to initiate the process for online merchants and retailers.