Are you thrilled to buy your very first mobile phone? Or you maybe you’re buying your second, or third. Whatever the situation, you need to plan well your purchase. Remember that a mobile phone is not only expensive, you’ll also be using it for years and years, so you have to be sure you’re buying the right one.

Tips for Buying a New Mobile Phone

Pick a Carrier Wisely

First get to know all the service offerings available, and acquaint yourself with the different service providers in the different regions that you are most likely to visit. Before choosing a phone, especially if it’s your first mobile phone, get to know the major wireless providers nationwide. You may also opt to buy a plan from smaller companies.

If you already have a phone, let’s say you’re already in a contract, how about applying for an upgrade instead of buying a new unit?

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Tips for Buying a New Mobile Phone

Ensure the Coverage of Your Chosen Carrier

Coverage is something you can not do without; otherwise your mobile phone will be useless. To be sure about the coverage of your carrier, ask as many people you know who are users of the same carrier and find out from them common problems or strengths of the said provider. Find out as much as you can about cell towers in your area. Know which companies own the most towers. Remember that the more number of towers, the stronger and better the reception.

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Select Your Plan Based On Your Standard Use

There are many types of plans available as different providers offer different schemes and packages. If you already have a phone plan, evaluate your old phone bills by looking at your average monthly use - in minutes. Draw on this as a base when comparing the different plans. Choose the one that will give you your money’s worth.

Know if there are family plans and find out which will give you the most benefit; such as which plan will allow you to share text messages and call minutes.

Be Cautious Of Any Extra Costs Linked With Mobile Phone Use

Some carriers charge fees when you send and/or receiving text and picture messages. This also includes browsing on the Internet. Opt to buy a data plan that allows for unrestricted usage as this will definitely help you save money.

When buying a mobile phone, seriously consider if you really need the extra features such as bluetooth and camera. Sometimes, these features add so much to the cost, but you don’t really need them. So don’t buy a phone just because of them.

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Always have in mind the features or smartphone apps you will be using most when looking at different models. Also consider the phone’s battery life if you use your phone every single day. Phones that have wifi access use more battery, so does units with lots of apps. Then think about the keypad - would you like the normal keypad or the QWERTY? Do you use the call function often? What features does the phone have that would make calling easy? For instance, does it have voice-activated dialing?

Mobile phones can also be checked out and bought online. So before buying a new unit, do some preliminary research first by visiting online stores. Make a list of the mobile phones you like and be sure to bring this list with you when you start shopping. If you visit a store unprepared, there is a chance you’ll be persuaded by charming salespeople to purchase the unit you don’t really need or like. So be sure you already know what you're looking for when you walk into the store. Remember that it is best to look at the units up close. Do you like the way it feels in your hand? Is the screen big enough for you? Is the display clear? Are the buttons in the keypads comfortable to use? Is it lightweight?

Are you looking for a phone for your children? If you are, look for models with restricted features. You may also ask service providers if there are models with specific features on parental controls. These things are important especially if your children are still young.

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