Android smartphones are the most cutting edge smartphones around. The Android OS allows these devices to be the most flexible and customizable. With an Android, the possibilities are nearly endless, and it can be very easy to get excited when it is the time to get a new Android smartphone.

Don’t be too eager, however. While the possibilities with Android are almost endless, the selection of devices running Android is incredibly diverse. Just because something is running Android doesn’t mean it is a high quality device. You need to be selective and discriminating as you choose your new Android phone.

There are a lot of things to take into account as you select something like a new smartphone. The following are the top seven tips that can help you make the right choice as you select your new Android phone:

Tips For Choosing Your New Android Phone

Top 7 Tips For Choosing Your New Android Phone

Shop Around

Don’t buy the first phone you find. Don’t let yourself be lured in by a big rebate, a flashy advertisement or a big screen. There are truly a lot of Android phones on the market; unless you are having a phone emergency, take the time to ask questions, read reviews and then decide on the phone you want.

Get a 4G Phone

This doesn’t apply to you if you don’t care about clear calls or fast data. If you don’t mind if it takes thirty seconds for a web page to load, you need not get a 4G phone. If you are like most people, you want to get a phone that takes advantage of this new network even if the 4G LTE network isn’t in your area yet…because it will be before you know it.

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Get a Phone Running Latest Android Version

Even though it sounds tasty, this is the newest Android OS, and not all phones have it. Many are running the previous operating system, Gingerbread. Unlike other devices operating systems, not all phones with Gingerbread can be updated to Ice Cream Sandwich right away, and some may not be upgraded at all. Getting the newest OS usually insures that it will be supported the longest, and this helps to give your device longevity.

Try Before You Buy

Smartphones don’t have free trials, but you do have an opportunity to use a device before you spend money. Even if you plan on buying online, go to retail stores. Most stores will have live versions that you can try out, and even if they don’t they will have dummy phones that will give you an idea of feel and ease of use. If you are in the US, you probably will find yourself locked into a two year contract with this purchase, so you don’t want a phone that is too big and hard to hold, cheap looking, difficult to navigate or something else that could make you miserable.

Be Selective When It Comes to Carriers

Many Android powered smartphones are available from more than one carrier. Even if you have fallen in love with a particular phone, you may be able to get a better deal on the device or on your service from one carrier. Look at contract lengths, activation fees, monthly fees, texting rates, data rates, data caps, and anything else that will allow you to select a carrier that gives you the best deal and the best service.

Buy Online

Many carriers let you get your phones for cheaper (even if only marginally) from their online stores. Web-only deals are a big thing to encourage people to buy, creating the same sense of urgency being in the retail store does. Go into the store to check out the phone, but more often than not you will get the best deal if you buy on the web.

Read Reviews

This final tip is something you should do for almost everything your buy. Before you get your new Android smartphone, read reviews of the carriers and devices you are considering. Make sure you read user reviews too to get a good idea of what regular people experienced when using the things you are currently considering.