Are you a businessman looking for the right Smartphone to carry out your work effortlessly? If you haven’t been able to decide which Smartphone will be appropriate for your purpose then here is an analysis that can help you to arrive on a decision.

Which Smartphone is the Best for Business Users?

How To Select A Smartphone For Business User

Analysis Of The Hardware

Most business class users probably pick the Apple iPhone 4S. The reason being this smartphone has a front-facing video camera for easy FaceTime video conferencing, which enables users to conduct virtual meetings with much ease. This facility though is currently restricted to iPhone 4S and iPod Touch users. In the near future Apple would open up the FaceTime facility to PCs and Macs. Furthermore, there is a high probability of services like Skype making use of the iPhone 4’s video conferencing camera. Lastly, the Apple iPhone 4S is better polished than its other competitors.

Analysis Of The Software

Large number of BlackBerry aficionados could find it hard to avoid BlackBerry 6 OS’s call. But for the rest of the smartphone users there is a reason to rejoice for Apple’s iOS is till date the super polished cell-phone platform obtainable. And additionally Google is rapidly enhancing the Android, but it still gets defeated when it’s a matter of overall experience by the iPhone.

One cannot ignore that Apple has been condemned for the manner in which the App stores function, but nonetheless steadily it is loosening its limitations on the app developers and undeniably currently the mobile app it has beyond doubt the best.

Analysis About IT Preparedness

Steadily IT branches are accepting the fact that their employees are users of iPhones and Android smartphones. Largely, IT departments are better equipped to manage BlackBerry gadgets as for a long time it is the Blackberry devices that have been present. A substantial number of organizations have been utilizing the (BES) i.e. BlackBerry Enterprise Server Solution, for allowing the members of staff to harmonize their calendars, contacts, address books, emails, etc. thus, making BlackBerry Torch 9800, the primary IT friendly gadget.

Nonetheless, the Android and iPhone have completely different narrative to tell. Apple has carried out an outstanding task in sustaining the iPhone security, whereas Androids flexible character could pave way for wreckless employees to setup malicious software on the system. Android’s open character prompts IT branches to maintain high end network security.

The Ultimate Conclusion

The unbelievable recognition of the iPhone has compelled the IT departments to install the gadgets on company networks. Techno savvy users have started to look more strongly at Android, the primary reason being these gadgets are easily obtainable.

Taking the above factors into consideration,iPhone 4S is by far the best option for business users. More so if one doesn’t have to think about the strict rules of the IT departments. With Verizon iphone coming into effect the iPhone 4S will surely be the ideal business smartphone. In summation here are some of the advantages of iPhone 4- best polished hardware & software (iOS), more number of accessories, apps, incorporation with other devices, than smartphones. The retina display of the iPhone 4S offers very good sharp text and images.