So you've got a nice blog going. You are able to put your heart and soul out there, and you have a great following - a readership that really cares. What's next? Well, making money, of course Sure, you'd maintain your blog for free, from the goodness of your heart and because your blog feeds your soul, right? Of course. But what could make the victory of having a meaningful blog even sweeter?

It bears repeating: Money Fortunately, if you've already gone the hard route of developing a blog that can attract and keep followers, you are well on your way to being able to capitalize on your labor of love, as long as you are willing to try some new things and follow some simple steps. Here are five ways to make money from your blog:

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5 Ways to Make Money Blogging

5 Ways to Make Money Blogging

Become An Affiliate

What's an affiliate? Well, when you affiliate yourself with another entity, you become an affiliate. In the blog world, an affiliate (that you can make money off of) would be any other website that you can refer your readers to for cash. For example, if you are a huge fan of a product you can buy on, then you can include an link on your blog site; you will get credit (money) for any purchases your readers make on Amazon after clicking on your affiliate link.


Don't be afraid to ask your readers for support of the monetary type. It is not uncommon these days for successful bloggers to set up a donation widget on their blog pages so that appreciative fans can support the blog financially.


If your blog is really good and you can prove that you have an active following, you may be able to convince other businesses/sites to sponsor your blog. A sponsorship means that you get paid to allow a business on your site . . . and also that you are expected to attract more attention to said business.

Sell Stuff

Not just any stuff, though. Order some merchandise that is customized with your blog's logo, title, and/or catch phrase and set up an online store on your blog site. Think t-shirts, mugs, calendars, beer cozies . . . whatever speaks for your blog's style and theme.

Write A Book

If your blog has a large enough following (and it should, if you are considering monetizing it), then you can put together a book of your most popular blog posts, along with personal anecdotes, real-life stories, and/or reader contributions that compliment your posts. Sell your book from your blog, or on Amazon, or as an eBook . . . the possibilities are endless.

If you have what it takes to create and maintain a blog, then chances are you have what it takes to make money on that blog. After all, a blog takes hard work and dedication. There's nothing wrong with getting paid for it.