With the rise of smartphones, people are using the internet related services more and more on their mobile phones now. The browsing comes at the one of the most used thing on the smartphones. That is why, the popular browser developers Opera Software, released a list of the most popular mobile websites of 2011.

You can see the top 10 mobile websites of 2011 below.

1. google.com

2. facebook.com

3. youtube.com (up 1)

4. vkontakte.ru (down 1)

5. odnoklassniki.ru

6. yandex.ru

7. wikipedia.org (up 4)

8. my.opera.com

9. yahoo.com (down 2)

10. twitter.com (up 2)

You can also have a look at the chart given below to understand better how this list is prepared.

Most Popular Mobile Websites Of 2011 Revealed By Opera

It is surprising to see that Russian origin sites are having the three spots in this list instead of some other popular websites. But seems like Wikipedia is the highest scorer here in terms of improvement.