It is true you want subscribers to your blog, you are desperate for comments to hear what your subscribers are saying, and you also want the likes. Do you really care about all this really when all that you are interested in is money? As a matter of fact you need to really care because as much as traffic and reader engagement are good and healthy for an online blog, if they do not convert into money then they are useless. Simply put, the chain of conversion is all that matters when it comes to making money online from your blog.

The chain of conversion is whereby you need to turn that stranger into a lead, which will then convert into a prospect, followed by converting into a customer, who then converts into a regular customer and a referral for many of your subsequent customers. This process is what is known as the chain of conversion. If your blog is not following this chain of conversion, then you could be doing one of the following grave blogger mistakes.

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5 Reasons You Are Not Making Money With Your Blog

1. Lack of traffic

The most common reason why most blogs are not generating the amount of money that they should is because there is no enough traffic. The reason why there could be no traffic to your blog is because of substandard and less informative content, duplicated content from other websites. If you work on this main thing… content, then chances of getting lots of targeted traffic are very high, and you will be well over your first hurdle.

2. Not Tocusing on Your Target Audience

It is true that you have set up a website about your business and the products and services that you offer. While it is OK to 'market' these indirectly, it is always good to do it with your visitors in mind. While you could be having all the traffic in the world, if it is not converting then it is all useless.

You need to stop for a moment and think how your website caters to your target audience, think of the problems they could be looking for answers on the internet, and then seek to address their problems through your website.

3. Poor Communication

Unlike a physical store where you get to communicate face to face with your customers, on the internet the main mode of communication is email, live chat, and probably a phone call. If you do not provide your prospective buyers with an easy way of reaching you, and if you are not available for reach, or take months to respond to emails, how do you expect to cater to the needs of your target audience?

4. Substandard Services and Products

Say you are marketing and promoting affiliate products online, are they of good quality or is their quality questionable? You need to take your time and choose products that are really in-demand, preferably something that you believe in and have a passion for it so you can exert your all into marketing and promoting it.

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5. Too Young a Website

Well, you don’t expect to start making money online from your blog overnight now do you? Exercise utmost patience and you will surely succeed. All those blogs that are raking in thousands of dollars every month is as a result of hard work and utmost patience.