Once you have built a website there is something you need above all else, Traffic! If no one ever sees, your site, or people just trickle through to the tune of one or two per day chances are good that you will never see a dime of profit from the site. Isn't that why most people build a site in the first place? Of Course! So, if you have found yourself in this boat and are dying to get more people to your site you could probably use a few free website promotion tips, read on for these and even some practical applications for social media.

Top 20 Methods To Drive Traffic To Your Blog (Video)

Top 3 Ways To Drive Traffic To Blog

Search Engines

The first barrier to getting found on the internet is the search engines. They have specific rules that affect the way search results are posted on their pages. While most have kept a tight lid on how they index sites, a few tidbits have leaked through the cracks. Learn how to search engine optimize (SEO) your site and you will be well on your way to free website promotion.

SEO boils down to just a few things, the first of which is keywords. This is the word or phrase that will recur on your website over and over. It should be a hotly searched term with as little competition as possible. When you begin, writing your content for the website you should have at least one keyword phrase that you want the site to rank well for. There are many online tools you can use to find this information.

When you have your keyword in hand, you next need to know how to use them. You might think you need to simply fill your content with this keyword or phrase and many have used this technique, however eventually this will get your site dumped from the search engine results. Use your keyword or phrase at about 1-2%. Keyword in:

  • Header/ title
  • First paragraph- preferably first sentence
  • Sprinkled lightly throughout
  • Last paragraph

Article Marketing

Another common way to achieve free website marketing and there are several ways you can achieve this goal. The easiest way to use articles is through a company newsletter; these can be for your customer list or for another webmasters complimentary business. If you can create great articles, you will have no end to the opportunities.

>Article directories are also used extensively for website marketing. You can create articles that pertain to your specific business and post them free to many different directories. Several will allow do follow links within the text and others will only allow links back to your website in the author resource box, but either way you get free promotion for your site.

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Social Media

Social media is the up and coming way to promote your business without cost. You should set up several different social media accounts. They will differ a bit in what is allowed and what is not but there are ways to use most of them for website promotion. For example:

  • Create a business fan page on Facebook
  • Tweet updates on Twitter
  • Submit your content to Digg, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn and Delicious

Your fan page or twitter updates are a fun way to stay in contact with current and future customers. Offer special promotional deals, coupons and offers that are only for your online contacts. This will keep people interested and coming back to your site for deals.

One thing you cannot do with social media sites is sign up only to constantly spam links to your website. Be prepared to actually participate in forums and add value to the social platform. Otherwise, people will quickly begin to ignore your posts and moderators could block your access. Neither of these is good for business!

Final Thoughts

The old saying it takes money to make money is a valid one; however, you can promote your website quite efficiently without a huge marketing budget. There are several methods for promotion including:

  • Blogging
  • Link exchange
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Article marketing
  • Newsletters
  • Freebies- offer free downloads in exchange for an email address which you can use later for promotions
  • Press Releases

All of these are excellent ways to achieve free website marketing and begin drawing tons of traffic to your business website.

Author Bio : Andy Shum social media enthusiast and blogger for WorkForFavor.com and SexySocialMedia.com. His research interests are SEM and free web promotion tactics.