Angry Birds are so popular that lots of stuff about Angry Birds are coming out everyday. I have already posted about the Angry Birds Speakers, Angry Birds Bra, Angry Birds Cake etc. And now here I am sharing the 5 funny Angry Birds mash-up videos.

These videos having mash-up with Queen, Adele, Sonic, Mario and Star Wars. Sounds amazing, right? Then stop reading and start watching these funny Angry Birds mash-up videos. And do not forget to tell all that which one you liked most in the Comments section..My favorite is the Angry Birds vs Darth Vader :)

Top 5 Funny Angry Birds Mash-Up Videos - Angry Birds vs Mario

Top 5 Funny Angry Birds Mash-Up Videos

5. Queen‬ vs. ‪Angry Birds‬

You will love the lyrics in this, an Angry Birds version of "We Will Rock You" : "We will, we will bomb you. Fling it!"

4. Adele Parody Feat. ‪Angry Birds‬

3. Sonic ‬vs.‪ ‬Red ‪Angry Bird‬

Fight between two of the most popular gaming characters

2. Angry Birds In Mario Land

Mario gives the tip to Angry Birds about how to fight with the Mushroom Kingdom ;)

1. Star Wars‬ Vs. ‪Angry Birds‬

Wanna know what happens when Darth Vader makes the Red and the gang angry? Watch this cute video, having lots of action showing the importance of each bird in the battle against Darth Vader....You will love it for sure