Do you want to know how to make easy money online quickly? Use simple forum marketing strategy. Here are 7 simple steps that you can follow :

How to Make Money Online Quickly in 7 Simple Steps

1. Choose a Product for Desperate People

The first step is to choose your product. It can be a product in any niche that you’re interested in. However, to make it easier for you to make money from your chosen product, make sure that the product is targeted for desperate buyers. Desperate buyers are people who actively thinking about their problem and desperately seek for the solution for their problem. For example: people who are trying to cure their severe acne, people who are trying to prevent breakup or divorce, people who are in the midst of severe financial problem, and so on.

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How to Make Money Online Quickly in 7 Simple Steps

2. Buy Your Domain Name

Find a good name for your domain name. It should be a dot com domain name. Otherwise, you will lower your chance to attract people to access your domain name. Choose appealing name such as or etc. Make sure that the name will attract people’s interest to take a look.

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3. Redirect Your Domain Name

Get an affiliate link for your product and redirect your domain name to your affiliate link. You will lead people directly to the merchant’s sales page. Remember, this is a quick way to make easy money online. So, you will not bother yourself with building landing page or squeeze page or website for your promotion. You want the money fast, right?

4. Find Popular Forums Related To Your Niche

Now that your domain is ready, what you need to do is to find some forums related with your product niche. If you choose a product about finance, find 3 popular finance forums. Make a note of the forums that you find. Make sure that they allow you to place signature. Also, make sure that the forums are active, which means it is constantly being updated every day and there is healthy discussion inside the forums.

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5. Sign Up to Those Forums

Sign up to those 3 popular forums using your name (or alias) as username. This is to make you more reputable in those forums. People will give you more respect if you put ‘John Smith’ as your username instead of ‘moonlight’. Once you’ve signed up to those forums, wait for 24 hours before you start posting. It is a good idea to read the posts in those forums as much as possible to learn more about the nature of the discussion.

6. Post to Those Forums at least 10 Posts Everyday

Now, you’ve signed up to those forums. The only thing that left is to participate in the discussions. Your ultimate goal is to gain reputation in those forums so that people will trust your website as reputable (not spammy). To achieve this, you need to post to those forums regularly, 10 posts per day. Give your professional insight in your discussion. Help people who need help. Build yourself as an expert.

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7. Insert Your Signature

Once you’ve got enough posts, you can insert your signature, which is your domain name that you’ve bought earlier. Add simple call to action message to your signature so that people are interested to take a look at your link. Now, your job is done. Traffic will start pouring into your affiliate link and it will start to convert. Keep posting and build your reputation in those forums because each time you post, you are placing one more link to your affiliate link. Each post will give you more opportunity to earn easy money online.

Those are the whole step-by-step plan to make easy money online. It’s easy, and it will only cost you a domain name to start. Moreover, by using forums, you are marketing your product effectively.