There are so many free online tools that help us organize our lives, run our businesses and entertain ourselves. Here are some of the best free online tools out there today.

Top 10 Free Online Tools

Top 10 Free Online Tools

1. Mint

Use Mint to link all of your financial accounts so you can view your transactions. You can set budgets and goals and then track them. You can also view the handy charts that Mint creates to track your spending habits. You can even set it up so Mint sends you emails to alert you when your bills are due.

2. FaxZero

Use FaxZero to send faxes online for free. You can only send a limited amount of faxes each day for free, but it is the perfect online tool if you only need to send the occasional fax.

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3. Dropbox

You can install Dropbox on your computer and drop files into it so that you can view it on your portable devices like your iPad, your iPod and your cell phone. You can store up to 2 GB of files for free and even more if you refer your friends.

4. Google Calendar and Documents

Almost everyone uses Google Mail now, but not everyone takes advantage of Google Calendar and Google Documents. You can easily schedule your appointments and events in your Google Calendar and set up email reminders that will remind you and anyone else who you wish to include in the reminders about upcoming events. You can also collaborate with your coworkers or teammates by uploading your documents to Google Documents. This also allows you to view your documents from any computer with an Internet connection.

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5. Skype

Skype is an excellent online tool that you can use to place free, unlimited calls to other computers anywhere in the world. You can also place calls for very affordable prices to phones around the world.

6. Joe's Goals

You can use Joe's Goals to keep track of your to-do lists and goals. You can even share your goals and your progress on popular social sites.

7. Evernote

Use Evernote to save web pages so you can view them later without an Internet connection, take notes, save images and much more. You can even take pictures of handwritten notes, and Evernote will transform them to searchable text files.

8. Wordpress

Now you don't have to be an Internet or computer guru to set up your own webpage or blog. Turn to Wordpress to publish web content quickly, easily and for free.

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9. My-Calorie-Counter

Keep track of your calories and exercise using My-Calorie-Counter. You can enter in all of the food that you eat and your workout plans and then view the total calories that you consumed and burned.


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