Not long ago, service providers bundled a mobile phone along with every SIM card they sold. Back in those days, it was quite a sensible thing to do since most people did not own a mobile phone. It was only natural for consumers to expect a phone device along with their SIM card. However, the situation has changed drastically today. Almost everyone in the developed world already owns at least one mobile phone. Therefore, SIM only deals are more suited to the needs of the current generation of cell phone users. Those who wish to use their mobile phones for accessing the Internet can get deals with Internet access as well. Here are a few benefits of SIM-only deals with Internet connectivity.

The Benefits Of SIM Only Deals

The Benefits Of SIM Only Deals


It is quite obvious that SIM-only deals are much less expensive than most standard contracts which come bundled with a mobile phone. While standard contracts looked attractive during the days when most people went out to purchase their first mobile phone, they are no longer appealing or practical today.


In the early days of mobile phones, the choice of models and network providers was quite scarce. But today, the variety of cell phone devices and the number of mobile phone network providers have literally sky-rocketed. There is so much competition among manufacturers and service providers today that consumers are able to get extremely attractive deals. Therefore, they often wish to choose their own model of cell phone and their own preferred service provider, without having to tie up the two together. SIM-only deals offer this flexibility as users can choose their mobile devices and service providers independently.


Unlike standard contracts which might tie you down for 12 months, SIM only deals come in short 30-day rolling contracts too. Therefore, you can test the service for a month and decide to either continue or cancel the contract after 30 days. This provides tremendous flexibility and value for money. SIM only deals also come with many attractive features to retain customers, unlike standard contracts which have the customer’s guaranteed patronage for a full year.


SIM-only deals are scalable as your needs increase. For instance, you can opt for a SIM only deal with internet connectivity if you need to access the Internet on your mobile phone. There are a number of SIM cards that come with different speeds and data bandwidth capacities. You can choose a deal that suits your particular need and requirement. With all these wonderful options available, it is consumers that finally stand to gain in the end. Therefore, in today’s context, SIM only deals are the best option as they provide more freedom, flexibility and scalability at a much better price than standard contracts.

Author Bio : Karim is a passionate writer on technology and likes to share his thoughts on mobiles and gadgets. This article can help smartphone mobile users get the best out of their device by using SIM only deals with internet, as most mobiles now connect to the network for services.
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