A lot of us are really busy and need an extra hand, especially if we own dogs. It's easy to find good and helpful services online that give us the information we need regarding our pet. However, if we are constantly on the go, having this information on hand is a nice perk. Here are a handful of iPhone apps that can assist you:

4 iPhone Apps That Dog Owners Should Consider

Top 4 iPhone Apps for Dog Owners

Dog Park Finder

It's free and probably the most popular app to help you find a dog park. They provide you all the details that you need to know before taking your dog there. Some of these details are their open hours, is it fenced in, is there an area for smaller dogs, and much more. They'll offer you a map and pictures as well. This is nice if you're traveling with your dog and you need a place for them to just let loose, especially if traveling makes your dog go nuts. Dog Park Finder is powered by DogParkUSA.com.

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This is a cool idea. It's a social media site for dogs! Owners can share the profiles and pictures of their pets to people that live near you. The app pulls the data from the DogBook service that's built into Facebook. There, you'll usually find status updates from dogs who are visiting the vet or what kind of toys they are playing with today. It's a good concept. However, you're sharing with people you don't necessarily know. I think it's worth a try, see if it works for you!


We all fear that our dogs will get themselves into something that can potentially harm them. This is where PupTox comes in. It has a list of over 250 things that are potentially toxic to your dog. They'll even provide you the severity, symptoms, and what to do in case your dog were to encounter any of these. They also provide toxic items for cats, too. I like this app to help me when I take my dog to unknown places or nature trails.

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This app has tons of information about all the different dog breeds. I particularly like using this one when I can't figure out a certain breed at a dog park. Figuring out the mixed breeds are the fun ones to try. I'm not really doing anything else except sitting there, might as well make it a learning opportunity. I've also read about people using this app to try and determine the breed of a pet that they've recently adopted. This kind of information doesn't always come with adopted pets and can be useful in this situation.

Now, some of these apps have their quirks and might need some updating. What app isn't in this situation? We do think all of these are worth a download if you're a dog owner. You can decide yourself which ones may grace the presence of your iPhone's storage capacity. They're also all free.