Your phone is practically your life, but your pet consumes the rest of it. If you love your pet or love animals in general, or perhaps you're a vegan fighting for animal rights, or maybe just an animal rights volunteer and activist - check out these apps that will further your love for your pets and animals and help you keep loving them even on the go!

Top 5 iPhone Apps for Animal Lovers


Best iPhone Apps for Animal Lovers - PETA App

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals organization created their own PETA app to keep animals lovers in the know and as up to date as possible on animal rights cases being fought throughout the United States.

This is a free app that encourages people to take rights against animal abuse even while they're on the go. It will link you to places where you can sign petitions or send emails to local legislature to help fight animal abuse.

The more actions you take to support the ethical treatment of animals, the more points you'll accumulate within the app. You can even make donations right through this handy animal rights interface.

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Best iPhone Apps for Animal Lovers - MyDog

Described as "the app your dog wants you to have," this is a handy little $1.99 app that keeps track of all of your dog's info and provides you with some useful information on dog-friendly locations and kennels.

Store all of your dog's medical information, including vaccination records, in this app and have it updated and available should you ever have to email it to a veterinarian. It will also store your dog's photo, description and name in a profile that you can create and share should you ever lose your dog.

This app also has a "Pet Travel Guide" that will locate dog-friendly businesses and hot spots near your current location as well as help you find local boarding opportunities for your four-legged friend. It will even give you pet travel information on various airlines.


Best iPhone Apps for Animal Lovers - PetFinder

If you're truly an animal lover, you know that the best way to get a new pet is to adopt. You could save your future's pet's life by adopting from a rescue shelter, so you need a handy way to find adoptable pets in your area when you're on the go, right?

That's why built their own mobile app. You can browse local rescue shelters to look for new pets (dogs, cats, even birds and horses) of all breeds. Each pet is listed with its name, general information, location information, photos and back stories. You can even search the animals by breed, gender, age or size.

When you find a pet you like, you can make notes to its profile or add it as a favorite so it's easy to find again. Then the app will generate directions for you to the shelter where your future pet awaits his new loving home!


Best iPhone Apps for Animal Lovers - Catbook

Since we did a sort of "dogs only" app, let's show some love to our feline friends, too. Catbook is literally just Facebook for Cats!

You can create a profile for your feline and search other local cats to "friend" them. You can even join groups and find non-feline friends, including dogs, horses and even fish.

Perhaps the best part of this free app is that if you lose your cat, you can send out an instant notification to all of your cat's Catbook friends to give the general vicinity where your cat was lost, when it happened and how to contact you, so you'll have a whole network of people helping you to look for your pet.

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Pet First Aid

Best iPhone Apps for Animal Lovers - Pet First Aid

This app is well worth all $3.99 that it will cost you. It is a directory of all of the ailments and illnesses that your pet may suffer from and quick information on what it is, how to immediately treat it and what kind of professional care to seek if it happens.

The app offers great detail on everything you need to know and includes informational and tutorial videos to keep your pet healthy. Plus, all of this information is off-line so that if you're out in the woods (maybe hiking with your dog) or away from an Internet connection and your dog or cat needs you, you still have access to everything useful.

The Pet First Aid app offers information on bites and stings, burns, poisoning, bleeding, drowning, fractures and sprains, heat and cold injuries, giving medicine, muzzling, restraining and even preparing for disasters.

Users say it's the best money they've ever spent on an app because it can literally save your pet's life in an emergency situation. Ensure your pet is always safe and healthy with this handy, useful and practical app.