When we travel we always want to take our beloved pets with us, however, this can sometimes be easier said than done. Here are our top gadgets which can help you and your pet get from A to B with no hiccups.

Top 7 Gadgets For Pets On The Go

Kurgo Backseat Bridge

Kurgo Backseat Bridge

It can sometimes be an uncomfortable ride for your poor dog when he is in the back of the car. One speed bump can see him fall off the back seat into the footwell which isn’t pleasant for either of you. This invention helps stop that by literally bridging the gap between the front and back seats meaning there is nowhere your dog can fall to. And at around £30 it is a small amount for piece of mind.

Ez Up Collapsible Pet Stairs

Ever have to lift your heavy pet into the back of your truck or 4x4? Not anymore as Domestic Innovations have come up with a nifty piece of equipment to help your pet into the car all by themselves. These stairs, which can be easily stored, allow your pet to easily walk up and into the boot without any intervention from yourself.

Skybox Booster Car Seat

When on the motorway there are always a few cars with a furry face poking out of the window, thoroughly enjoying the view. This however isn’t the safest way for your dog to travel, especially if your car is involved in even a minor crash. Skybox have come up with a solution which enables your dog to see out the window while strapped safely into a car seat which keeps everyone happy!

The KatPak

When you gotta go, you gotta go and cats are no exception. The KatPak is perfect for such occasions when your feline friend decides he has to go and you are half way down the M6 with not a service station in site. Made of biodegradable card it folds flat when it hasn’t been used and transforms into a box when your kitty requires so they can pop in and do their business. It can then be simply thrown away with the rest of your rubbish.

Too Hot For Spot

This ingenious gadget is perfect for keeping a check on the cars temperature. In summer especially, cars can reach temperatures of 120 degrees plus which can, in the worst cases be fatal to animals. Too Hot For Spot is a static–cling window thermometer which has been specially designed to let you know of dangerous temperatures and when your pet may like a nice cooling drink.

Too Hot For Spot

Cool Treats Smoothies

After you have ascertained with your Too Hot For Spot gadget that your pet may be struggling you can impress them with a smoothie! Perfect for on the go these tasty treats are kept in the freezer and then, if transferred to a cool bag, will remain chilled for hours.

The Pet Top Drinking Device

This great little gadget will see an end to bowl spillages and awkward drinking in the car. The Pet Top allows you to give your pet a thirst quenching drink on long trips away. The nozzle attaches to any drinking bottle and dispenses the liquid to your pet so they can easily lick it away.