The internet allows for expanding your website to include traffic from all countries. As the internet becomes more readily available in areas that once were too remote, many websites are beginning to market in those areas. This is a great way to increase traffic, followers, and get your opinions or brand out to a new market. However, if you plan to take your website international, there are a few tips that can help you be successful.

5 Tips for Taking Your Website International

5 Tips for Taking Your Website International

Create Appeal

In many countries, the culture is much different than that of your own. Before you decide to bring your page to those countries, research their culture and create appeal. If your site is found to be behind the times, visually unappealing or unorganized to those in your targeted country, you will find it difficult to see a return on your time and effort. By researching the area and making your site appealing to those in the area, you can target the citizens and have a successful launch.

Language Gaps

It is difficult for some to find foreign websites easy to read and understand. This is especially true if the site is in a language that is foreign to them. If you are launching in a country where their language differs, translating your website may prove to be beneficial. This is imperative to creating comfort for your new followers and will achieve more return readers and word of mouth advertising. It is less likely for a person to suggest a website that is uncomfortable to read or understand.

Content Relevancy

The subjects that are relevant to one culture may not be relevant in others. If you are planning to launch your website internationally, take the time to research what is hot in that area and what would be useful to the local citizens. You will want to be sure your website has purpose to those you intend to reach. If you are writing about local celebrities you may want to offer information regarding their local celebrities as well. The same can be said regarding product reviews. You don’t want to offer advice about products that are unavailable in their country.

SEO Relevancy

Just like the relevancy of your content, SEO relevancy is an important part of international website marketing. The keywords used in your current market may differ than those in other countries. For starters, you will want your keywords translated the same as your page. There are also search terms they may use that your current followers do not. Research the common search phrases for your targeted country and adjust your SEO marketing to match.

Search Engines

In many countries, Google reigns supreme. However, in others, local search engines may be the preferred method of search for their residents. Locating their most used search engines will help you to identify which search engines to register your site with. For instance in Russia, Yandex is their most used search engine. In China they prefer to use Baidu. These are the search engines you will want your website to be associated with in order to reach the most readers possible.

International exposure can increase traffic, raise your page ranking, and help close the gap between your current followers, and followers of other cultures. By taking into consideration the many factors involved with going international, you can help assure success, and properly welcome your new readers.