Even though I dont like the Alexa's ranking system as it does not give the exact details of the traffic to a blog or site, it is a very important factor if you want to make money online from your blogs. Here I am gonna tell you the things i used to improve my Alexa ranking from 3.8 million to 0.2 million in less than 4 months even without working much on my blog. Now, its 0.1 Million and hope that it will keep improving.

You can see in the above image that how was the improvement in my Alexa ranking in 3 months (440%) and for a week, it was 1100% when I started
improving my Alexa ranking. You can see that in the graph. Below are the methods to apply on your blog to improve your Alexa ranking in less than a week.

1. Install the Alexa toolbar on your browser and make your blog as the homepage.

2. Use the Alexa redirect to your blog while leaving your blog link in comments, forums etc. For example, i use http://redirect.alexa.com/redirect?shaanhaider.com . You can replace my blog link with yours and can use it.

3. Put up an Alexa rank widget on your blog. If somebody will click it and visit Alexa then it will count as one hit.

4. Encourage others, specially your blog readers, to install Alexa toolbar on their browser. When they will browse your site with Alexa toolbar installed then it will improve your Alexa ranking.

5. Make a post about Alexa on your blog. So other will know about it and will use it too

6. Write content for webmasters, bloggers and about technology as these people are having Alexa toolbar installed mostly.

Use social media like Digg, Twitter, StumbleUpon etc. too get huge traffic which will improve Alexa ranking of your blog.

8. If you are working at some place then use the Tip 1 given above on computers there too.

9. Ask your friends and colleagues to install Alexa toolbar and put your blog as homepage.

10. Get reviews on Alexa site about your blog.