With the rise of the internet and the sms culture, we use abbreviations just too much. Its necessary too, specially for the social media sites like Twitter where you are having the restriction of 140 characters (Click here to know that how to tweet more than 140 characters). Here I am sharing the 50 most used internet abbreviations which you can use.

50 Most Popular Internet Abbreviations

afk – away from keyboard
asl – age, sex, location
brb – be right back
btw – by the way
coz – because
dnd – do not disturb
dunno – I don’t know
ftw – for the win
gbu – God bless you
gr8 – great
gtg – got to go
hf – have fun
idk – I don’t know
im – instant message
k – ok
kk – ok
knw – know
lmao – laughing my ass off
lol – laughing out loud
ne1 – anyone
neva – never
nite – night
njoy – enjoy
nm – not much
omfg – oh my fucking God
omg – oh my God
plz – please
ppl – people
pron – porn
r – are
rite – right
rofl – rolling on the floor laughing
sry – sorry
tc – take care
thr – there
tht – that
ttyl – talk to you later
tx – thanks
ty – thank you
u – you
ur – your
w/o – without
w8 – wait
wanna – want to
wassup – what’s up?
wat – what
wateva – whatever
wb – welcome back
wtf – what the fuck
y – why

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