Did you know that the number of marketers who believe that Facebook marketing is crucial for their businesses has increased by 83 percent in the last two years? With its over 850 million active users, Facebook is one of the best marketing platforms if not the best. However, a lot of time and energy goes into building a Facebook marketing strategy if you really want to get real results. In this article, you will find some powerful Facebook marketing tips to create successful Facebook pages that will help you get real results fast and easily.

5 Powerful Tips for Successful Facebook Pages

How To Make Your Facebook Page Successful

1. Ask Questions to Engage Your Audience

You need to figure out how to format your posts to engage your audience and make them respond to your posts favorably. The most efficient way to understand what really makes your audience engaged is to ask them directly what they need or expect. Asking questions creates a strong personal connection and opens the doors of involvement and conversation.

2. Limit Automation and Create Fresh Content

You may be tempted to automate your posts and updates, but you need to limit automation because over automation may produce irrelevant and outdated content. This can risk your audience’s engagement and the success of yourFacebook marketing efforts. Simply, to get the best reach from your Facebook content and to keep your audience coming back to your Facebook page, you need to limit automation and create fresh content consistently.

3. Have a Personable, Fun and Sincere Communication Style

To guarantee the success of your Facebook page, you have to be personable, combine your expertise with humor and start sincere conversations. Therefore, to give your communications a personal touch, you can address your audience by their first name and use first person singular voice in your posts. Also, you can add your page administrators’ names, bios and photos on their posts and let your audience learn about the real people behind the conversations.

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4. Build Excitement with Promotions and Contests

Recent studies about Facebook marketing strategies show that the most effective way to make your audience “Like” your Facebook page is to offer promotions and run contests. Promotions and contests give your audience a good reason to communicate with you while making your Facebook page more fun and engaging. Some of the favorable outcomes of these activities can be building a list of people who are interested in your business, adding more subscribers to your newsletters and increasing brand awareness.

5. Use Facebook Insights to Find the Pitfalls of Your Facebook Page

Facebook Insights is the analytics dashboard of Facebook, which shows you the activity trends of your Facebook page. More clearly, it gives you critical information about who uses your page and how they interact with it. This information helps you follow the changes and patterns in behaviors of your audience in relation to the changes happening on your page. Using this tool, you can easily find out which of your marketing activities are working or not, so you can replicate the working strategies while stopping unproductive ones.

To sum up, to get real results fast and easy from your Facebook marketing strategies, you should be engaging your audience by asking questions, limit automation and create fresh content, communicate in a personable, fun and sincere way and use Facebook Insights analytics to discover which of your marketing strategies work and which don’t.