It’s taken for granted that not having a Facebook presence now is like not having a website ten years ago. Thousands of companies delve into social media each day, creating generic Facebook pages and hoping to engage with a community that never arrives.

Others think outside the box. In any marketing campaign it’s important to consider the tools you should use to play to your strengths, not the other way around. The following companies took Facebook’s functionality and twisted it to create unique marketing campaigns that showcase their brand perfectly.

Top 5 Unique Facebook Marketing Campaigns

Top 5 Unique Facebook Marketing Campaigns

Visit Britain

One of the first companies to use Facebook Places innovatively, the Love UK page ranks the top 50 attractions in the UK based on the number of check-ins. The leaderboard updates automatically, so UK visitors can see which attractions are popular during the time of their trip. It’s also possible to see where friends have checked in, so you can ask their opinion before booking a ticket.

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Skyscanner have been simplifying the search for cheap flights for years, and now it’s even simpler; in fact, you don’t even have to leave Facebook to plan your holiday. Visit the Skyscanner Flight Search page; post the details of your flight on their wall (e.g. London to New York January), and the page will automatically search Skyscanner’s database and respond in seconds with details of the cheapest flights, in this case sending you a link to their NY flights page so you can continue your search in more depth.

National Geographic

To increase awareness of their network and boost community engagement, National Geographic set up an interactive map on Facebook inviting people to share stories and experiences of where they were during the terror attacks of September 11th 2001. By building an oral history, they are staying true to their own spirit and commemorating the tenth anniversary of the tragedy in a unique way.

Coke Zero

No longer active, Coke Zero’s face recognition app got a lot of tongues wagging. Facebook users were invited to upload a photograph of themselves and Coke searched for lookalikes. They complied with Facebook’s privacy guidelines by only using photos which had been uploaded to the app. The tagline was “if Coke Zero has Coke’s taste, is it possible someone out there has your face?”


Skittles live event, Skittles Fans vs David Phoenix, was streamed via Facebook. The character Phoenix made the statement that he could survive being buried underneath 3.7 million Skittles; as more people tuned into the live stream, more Skittles were added.