In an age of Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, it is nearly impossible for a company to achieve lasting success without the use of a social media marketing campaign. Although social media can greatly improve a product's marketability, simply launching a Facebook page is not good enough. The most successful social media campaigns are also the most creative and original. Although copying another company's marketing campaign won't get you anywhere, checking out the most successful campaigns may provide you with some great ideas. Listed below for inspiration are five of the top social media marketing campaigns to date.

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Old Spice

Before Isaiah Mustafa, Old Spice was identified with bingo clubs and nursing homes. In order to compete with Axe and other body sprays, Old Spice seriously needed a makeover. Cue attractive and talented actor, Isaiah Mustafa, lead actor in the Old Spice YouTube campaign “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.” In a single 24 hours, the campaign received more hits than President Obama's presidential victory speech. With over a 100 percent increase in short-term sales, this campaign clearly was a success.

Transport for London

In 2008, London was struggling with awful statistics for pedestrian and cyclist deaths. In an attempt to increase awareness of cyclists, Transport for London released a marketing campaign based on the invisible gorilla test. In the video, the audience is instructed to count the number of times a basketball is passed between those dressed in white. During this time, a moonwalking bear steps in the middle of the circle and does a little dance.

The purpose of the video is to show that a lot of people won't notice the bear, even though it is right in front of them. The same goes for cyclists. This campaign generated almost four million views in three months, greatly increasing driver awareness.

Guitar Master Pro

Sometimes the best marketing campaigns are also the most simple. This was certainly true for Guitar Master Pro, a website that specializes in teaching internet users how to play the guitar. The company just uploaded a clip of an amazing musician and told viewers that they could learn to play just as well if they visited Guitar Master Pro's website.


In an effort to increase awareness of global climate change, Greenpeace launched a campaign surrounding a fake political candidate named Seyfi Solukal. After promoting the cause on a variety of social networking sites, Greenpeace held a press conference in which Seyfi Solukal's real identity was revealed. Before the campaign, only five candidates backed Greenpeace's Climate Declaration, but afterwards, that number increased to 74. The successful social media campaign won a WOMMY Award from the Word of Mouth Marketting Association (WOMMA).

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British Academy of Film and Television Arts

BAFTA had no trouble attracting viewership from the older crowd, but it wanted to entice younger viewers as well. Orange, the official sponsor of BAFTA, set up an account on Flixster, allowing viewers to see a live view of the red carpet. The campaign also included an interactive quiz, through which participants could win tickets to the star-studded event.