The Internet revolutionized how business was done and how a company marketed to its consumers. Then Twitter came along and revolutionized how to use the Internet to market products to consumers. What has Twitter done to change the landscape so much?

One of the most interesting aspects of Twitter is that it has develop its own niche in the social media world. Facebook has many more users, but Twitter is easier to use and allows a business to connect with its customers in a more casual way. Twitter has developed into a mini-Google for consumers and allows for more targeted marketing for a business.

How Twitter Has Changed the Internet Marketing Landscape

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How does a business find its customers? Simply put a hashtag in your Tweet and you will see exactly who is thinking about, or looking for, that item. Say you were a local pizza company, you could put #anchovies and you could see everyone in the world that was thinking about anchovies.

Taking that a step further, a business could see where in the world that Tweet referring to anchovies came from. If the majority of the Tweets were local, that pizza company would know that anchovies on pizza might be a big hit. Even if the majority of the Tweets were coming from a town over, it would let the company know that anchovies would be big across town if another shop were to ever open.

On the flip side, a consumer can take the marketing straight to the business. If a customer was thinking about making anchovies a regular topping, that customer could send a Tweet to the company. Conversely, if the customers were all against using anchovies on pizza, they could send a Tweet saying that the topping should be discontinued.

Twitter has made it easier for the little guy to compete. Being a free service that connects to everyone in the world, it has significantly reduced marketing and advertising costs. It also helps build word of mouth and helps customers refer companies to other Twitter users.

These referrals are what is commonly called affiliate marketing. What happens is that a person uses a product and tells everyone else how great it is. When another consumer uses the link that consumer A has Tweeted, they get a commission on the sale made by person B.

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Businesses benefit because referrals are even more golden than a good advertising campaign. The consumer benefits because they get paid to talk about a great product that they have used. Other shoppers also benefit because of an honest opinion of the product used.

The advent of the Internet make it possible for people all over the globe to market goods and services no matter where they were. Twitter then came along and made it even easier for a business to find its customers and build sales. Consumers are now more empowered than ever to seek out businesses and tell them what they want to see. Twitter has changed everything and made the buying process a win-win for everybody.