There are approximately two billion Internet users worldwide. Great information is available for those looking to dig into market research. With the mass of information out there, it’s important to find meaningful data and one way to do that is to conduct qualitative analyses through online market research tools.

Whether you are in the process of obtaining a marketing degree, business degree, or already are an in-field business leader, it’s crucial to harness the power of market research. Market research is an organized effort to gather information about a group of people used for product development, new customer research, and more. Below is a list of top free online market research survey tools to conduct qualitative analysis to gauge study trends, opinion, or demographic information.

Top 4 Internet Marketing Tools For Small Business

Top 4 Internet Marketing Tools For Small Business


SurveyMonkey is a simple tool for completing market research. Users can utilize pre-existing templates to create your own ten-question survey (with the ability for 100 responses for your research). Once the survey is created, the survey link can be emailed, Tweeted, or posted directly on an Internet page. SurveyMonkey comes equipped with real-time analysis tools to help you form conclusions for your report; plus 24/7 technical support is available. With more than seven million customers, you can see why SurveyMonkey is an extremely popular tool for internet marketers.

Facebook Opinion Polls

Who knew that you could obtain customer data from a social network? Facebook Opinion Polls allow you to create polls on a Facebook page or profile. This tool is a very simple and quick way to set up a poll to ask your fans views of a subject. Although the poll feature online allows for very basic questions, it is a great way to efficiently engage your audience.


Zoomerang is another great tool, and at no cost, you can create a twelve-question survey with a 100-response limit. If your target market is your family, friends, or coworkers you have the ability to import any Web contacts from Microsoft™ Outlook, Gmail, or other email systems into the survey platform. Templates are available to use for creating your market research survey as well as tutorials and demos to help you get started. Users are able to view results real-time survey results, individual responses, and report graphs.


KwikSurveys allows you to survey an unlimited amount of people with no cap on the amount of questions. However; this tool is very basic as far as building and developing a survey goes. If you have knowledge and experience creating surveys you shouldn’t have a problem. But if creating a survey and conducting research is new to you, then stick to the tools with more templates and support to help you get started.

These above tools are just a few online resources available to conduct your own market research. There has never been a time in our history with type of interconnectivity, access to information, and ability to reach different target markets, so now is the time to utilize qualitative data that is accessible at your fingertips.