GMAIL is having lots of features and hacks which increases the user experience. Few days before, I shared a tip on how to undo a recently sent email and now I am sharing 3 of the least known but some awesome Gmail hacks. Hope that it will be useful for you.

3 Awesome Gmail Hacks for Better Productivity

3 Awesome Gmail Tricks for Better Productivity

1. Mobile Version Of Gmail For Faster Access

Gmail is getting faster and better everyday but if you are having a slow internet connection then its a bit difficult to open your inbox and check the emails even though it is having a feature to switch to the light version of Gmail.

To solve this problem , you can use the Mobile version of Gmail on your computer. All you have to do for that is to visit - Remember no http:// or www must be added. Just type It works exactly on your computer browser as it works on the mobile browser. You can check your emails really fast by sing this.

2. Adding Multiple Dots To Your Gmail ID

If you have a Gmail id like ,then you will still get mails for Place the dot anywhere before @ as much as you want and you will get all your mails to your original mail id as Gmail does not consider the dots in the email id.

Ex – Mail sent to will be recieved to as Gmail considers both domains as same.

Also your can get email at which is same as

3. Spam Protection By Adding + In Gmail ID

If you are suspicious while registering on a site that your email id can be sold to spamners then you can use this hack for protection. Just add + in your Gmail id like When Gmail sees a “+” in an email address, it uses all the characters to the left of the plus sign ,i.e. it considers only

To activate this hack just go to Settings, set up a filter. In the From box, add Sample site.In the To box, put in your newly-created address, and set the filter to put in a folder named as you wish. Now all their spam emails will go directly to that folder being sent to the newly added Gmail id with + trick.