Everybody loves to have gadgets. There are lots of gadgets available in the market in various price range but if a person got money then, he/she would love to buy an expensive gadget always. But how many expensive gadgets you can get if you are a millionaire?

Here is a nice gadget infographic by the Expansys guys which will give you the idea that how many gadgets you ca buy if you are having £1 Million. It is really sad to know that you can not even buy a single iPhone 3GS Supreme. But yeah, you can make Eiffel Tower of the Creative Zen X-FI mp3 players. Have a look at this inforgraphic to know more such amazing facts

How Many Gadgets Would £1 Million Buy For You? (Infographic)

How Many Gadgets Would £1 Million Buy For You? (Infographic)
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