For businesses wanting to compete in today’s competitive market, Facebook is no longer an option. It’s a necessity. Here are a few ways to set up a Facebook Page that will not only attract fans, but keep them coming back.

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5 Proven Tips on Designing an Effective Facebook Page

1. Include Photos of Your Product

Because many buying decisions these days are being made from the comfort of people’s sofas, it’s more important than ever that you provide photos of your products. Even if your business provides a service, photos are important. If you’re a housekeeping service, show before and after photos of homes you’ve cleaned. If you own a bakery, don’t just show photos of your creations. Your customers would love to see shots of you in the kitchen, working your magic. By involving fans in the day-to-day operations of your business, you’ll make them feel a part of your organization.

2. Add Videos Where Possible

Take customers behind-the-scenes as your company works hard to make customers happy. Or conduct a few interviews with key staff about what makes your company so great. Your videos don’t have to be put together by Hollywood’s finest. Simply grab a camera and start shooting. By providing regular, up-to-date visual content, your fans will have a reason to keep coming back. Plus—bonus—fans will often share videos with their friends, which will give you exposure to potential new customers.

3. Create an Eye-catching Landing Page

For businesses, it’s all about the fan page. But Facebookers have become immune to the traditional Facebook layout. A landing page provides a simple, one-page introduction to your business. This is where you both establish your brand and encourage people to “like” you. But your landing page is more than just a large photo of your company logo. You can set it up with embedded video, photos of your featured products, coupons, and more.

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4. Add a High-quality Timeline Cover Photo

The new “Timeline” feature is currently available only to personal pages, but that shouldn’t stop your company. Have your customer service or marketing representatives set up Facebook pages dedicated to your brand and use them to respond to comments. Be sure they set a username that makes it clear they are associated with your company. They’ll reply to comments on your page as a representative of your company, creating possible click-throughs that will expose them to a page that promotes your business’s specials and products.

By setting their Timeline cover photo as a high-quality version of your company’s brand, they will encourage others to do the same. In fact, some companies have recently found a way to take advantage of the Timeline feature by providing “Timeline Skins,” advertised on their splash pages. Fans of their product can turn their Facebook profiles into tributes to your brand.

5. Buy Facebook Fans

Once you’ve created your best possible Facebook page, ideally you’ll have a cascading effect, where fans will “like” your page, exposing you to their friends, who like your page, and so on. However, when someone visits your page to see you have little to no fans, you begin to lose credibility.

However, several services exist that can give you just the boost you need. For a fee, you can buy hundreds, even thousands of “likes,” giving you the fan base you’ll need when people visit your Facebook page. You can even choose to have targeted Facebook fans, having them come from a certain region. It’s important to note these fans may not interact as much as you’d like, since they’re bought, but it does pass your name to all of those people.

Another way to get paid fans is to seek them out yourself. You can pick and choose the people who “like” you. Those people will have friends who see the “like” and click through to check your page out. This can be especially beneficial for local companies, seeking to target potential customers in their area.

While building a Facebook presence takes time and effort, it is a low-cost method of reaching today’s consumers. With a little knowledge and hard work, you’ll have a successful Facebook page in no time.