So, you’ve taken the leap from day-job drone to full-time blogger. Good for you! But, what do you do when revenues fall and your blog traffic dips, leaving you without enough money to cover your monthly expenses? Before you panic and begin to regret calling your old boss names on your way out the door, consider these options:

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Getting Paid Freelancing Work

There are a ton of blogger jobs available on these sites. If you love writing, you’ll find that it’s easy to obtain content writing jobs. Depending on the topic, the length required and the employer, you can get paid anywhere from $5 to $20 a blog post. You more than likely won’t get a byline, since you’re writing entries for someone else’s blog, but the opportunity to enhance your expertise or write about topics that you don’t cover on your own blog is there for the taking.

If you have specific skills to offer, such as web design, programming and graphic design, you’ll have more choice in freelancing work. Since those skills are specific and desirable, you’re most likely to get paid more for these than for writing jobs. You can look for jobs on oDesk and Elance, the two most well known freelancing sites, but if you are in Europe, PeoplePerHour is a good one for you.

Affiliate Marketing Income for Bloggers

Skimlinks and Linkshare offer great services to make affiliate marketing simple for you. They know that finding affiliate marketing opportunities from different for each individual blogger. Therefore, they do all of the hard work for you, and in return they charge you a small commission on your affiliate marketing income.

Skimlinks requires a specific snippet of code that must be added to the HTML coding on your blog. If you write about and link to a shopping site, for example, Macy’s, and one of your readers follows your link and makes a purchase, you receive a certain percentage of the sales. With Linkshare, you sign up for particular advertisers and place their banners or box-sized ads on your blog. When one of your readers clicks on the ad, follows through and purchases something from the site, you receive a pre-determined percentage of the sale, the amount of which varies with each advertiser.

Sell Products On Your Blog

Do a quick web search for “advertising for blogs” or “pay per post services,” and you’ll find a ton of opportunities. Blogsvertise is a good website for this, but there are others out there. You’ll have to swallow your pride, but these services can help you out immensely by connecting you with advertisers who want their products to be featured on your blog. Sometimes it will be through an entire blog post about their online store, a well-placed keyword link in the body of an entry, or via an ad placed in the sidebar of your blog.

Either way, they pay fairly well, depending on your particular niche and how popular your blog is, and you can use the cash. Just keep in mind not to over-do this. You want to create the authority in your niche first, before you go too commercial. Placing too many paid posts on your blog will cause you to lose your credibility, and people might see your blog a “product promotion” website.

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Sell Your Knowledge and Expertise On Your Blog

Minutebox allows you to show off your expertise by giving advice to others via video conference and making money at the same time. Once you sign up for the service and place their widget on your blog, you then are ready to sell your expertise to your readers. When someone wants to consult with you for his or her problem, they click the “Talk to me” button on your widget, and MinuteBox will connects the two of you directly for a live consultation session.

Minutebox acts as a go-between, processing the payments for you, so all that you have to do is answer your readers’ questions. It is a subtle way to leverage your niche authority, and make money by offering useful information or knowledge.

There are many ways to make money off of a blog; the few listed above only skim the surface, so if a particular one doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, then you can move on to another. However, if you truly want to make a living from your blog, you’ll use a combination of them all.