Just few days back, I have posted about the Powerbag which can charge your gadgets on the go. And now, you can charge your gadgets with water. Sounds like a sci-fi stuff, right?

Powertrekk's Water Powered USB Battery Charger

Powertrekk has launched a water powered USB battery charger. This battery charger uses the myFC’s “FuelCellSticker” technology to convert the water into the Hydrogen and then creates electricity from that Hydrogen using the Proton Exchange Membrane. Proton Exchange Membrane splits the Hydrogen atoms into positively and negatively charged particles which causes the flow of current in the device.

Powertrekk's Water Powered USB Battery Charger

Powertrekk's water powered battery charger can charge a 1500mAh battery in an hour. This awesome gadget cost $229 and the Powerpukk costs $12

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