I hoped that by the time 2012 came around I’d be using one of those hover boards from Back to the Future as my ride to work but, while not nearly as hover-board-cool, the following stuff coming out this year is equally as impressive and boast-worthy.

Must Have Tech & Gadgets for 2012

1. HD Calling From Your TV

A new gadget this year, the Biscotti TV Phone is sleek, easy to use and lets you make calls to anyone on the Biscotti network using your HDTV. Plugging in with an HDMI cable, the device can turn the TV on if a call comes through and turn it off if no one answers. It has a wide angle lens, digital zooming and panning functions, and most important of all, easy to use settings for techno-retarded family members.

Must Have Tech & Gadgets for 2012 - Biscotti TV Phone

2. Satellite TV Wherever

If you’re a couch potato that weeps when your sports team loses a match and would rather miss your own mother’s funeral than the World Cup, then this is for you. Dish Network has designed a compact satellite in a weather resistant cover, which means you can hook it up and take it with you wherever you go and never miss out on any of your favourite shows, especially because you can schedule and buy all your TV-time on a pay-as-you-go basis.

You can also check the Sky package deals, which is another leading satellite television and radio service, for your complete TV entertainment.

3. Indestructible SD Cards

Designed to survive the most extreme conditions, Monster Digital cards can be submersed in eight feet of water, resist magnets, psychotic temperatures, shock and forceful impacts and still come out swinging. It’ll be hard to find a device that can survive the same kind of trauma these cards can but hey, at least if your camera spontaneously combusts, you may still salvage your pictures.

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4. Intelligent Heating

This nifty little device will kick the ass of the traditional thermostat, and in doing so will save you tons of cash on your energy bills. The Nest Learning Thermostat will observe your habits for a while, then it’ll take over and control everything automatically for you, and report on your energy savings. You can also control it from your laptop or phone.

Must Have Tech & Gadgets for 2012 - Powerbag Mobile Charging Systems

5. Never Run Out Of Juice

Forget having gadgets that suddenly die on you, if there’s no wall outlet all you’ll need is a Powerbag, a portable backpack with its own charging system that can charge up to four devices at once, no matter where you are. It’s got various connections to ensure that most devices are covered, from smartphones and tablets to cameras and music players. Just don’t forget to charge your bag…

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