Our gadgets and smartphones are every features these days. We are even having the Gorilla Glass to protect the mobile screens now but still our gadgets are vulnerable to the water. Few weeks back, my Samsung Galaxy Note fell down in the washing machine and I had to pay a good amount to fix it. There are few phones like Motorola Defy which claims to be the waterproof but are you going to buy a phone just for this reason? Never

HzO introduces the Waterproof Smartphone Coating (Video)

But now there is something nice and working to save your gadgets from the water. HzO introduced a special type of waterproof coating which can save the gadgets from the water. It does not work externally only but also on the internal components.

HzO is trying to convince the phone manufacturers to use this waterproof coating on phones in the future. Hope that it will be an essential part of gadgets, just like the Gorilla Glass. Watch the HzO waterproof coated smartphone in action in the video below.

HzO Waterproof Smartphone (Video)