There are lots of funny and bizarre auctions which you can find on the eBay. But today what I have got is one of the funniest one I have ever seen. This auction is of a Young Black 20 Liter Milk Giving Buffalo ;)

If you go through the details of the auction then, you will laugh for sure as this auction is having 7 Days Exchange offer and Free Shipping and Delivery outside seller's city. The condition of the item is Used which means "It has been used previously and it may signs of wear but it is fully functional and operational".

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Funniest eBay Auction : Young Black Buffalo Giving Milk 20 Liter/Day
The product image is also funny as it is of a guy milking a buffalo which is partially visible and then the face of Young Black Buffalo. The funniest thing for me is that the item's location mentioned is of my locality i.e Dwarka, New Delhi. Lol ... Seems like the seller is from Najafgarh, a place close to Dwarka, which is having lots of dairy and milkmen.

Well, even though this auction sounds funny but what it proves is that E-commerce is finally arrived in India ;)