HDMI cable is an enhanced version DVI cables that which are used to transmit the videos. HDMI cables are used to transmit the HD audio/video data into the visual media displays like from a HDMI ready device to HDTV or Computer Monitors. Initially these are considered as High-speed modern home theater connectors, that are the reliable option for the users, but later we started extending their usage for gaming devices or connecting Laptops to Televisions, etc. There are many exciting usages with these HDMI cables, and I’m going to deal about them in this article.

Most of the electric consumers are looking for HDMI cable support or extension, while buying the devices. It is considered as one of the major requirements currently. The HDMI cable provides a scope that helps us to get the audio/video elements to our computer monitor/HDTV with just 1 single cable. Using HDMI cables, you can connect your PCs/Laptops to HDTVs but Laptop/PC must have HDMI-out port.

Generally, we are having 4 types of HDMI cables and we need to choose from one of them that suits our requirements.

• Ethernet HDMI Cable

• High Speed HDMI Cable

• Ethernet High Speed HDMI Cable

• Standard HDMI Cable

How to Use HDMI Cable Properly

How to Use HDMI Cable Properly


As I already said that, using HDMI cable, we can connect our PCs/Laptops to Monitors or HDTVs that which provides us with ultimate gaming experience. It is always fun playing on Larger Screens.

HDMI cables are capable of transmitting around 720p videos ad surround audio. These are high speed cables that can handle some of the enhanced display options like 3D technology and even 4x1080p resolutions. So, what can you expect for exciting gaming experience?

Reliable in Carrying Data (Audio/video) without any loss

HDMI cables are well known for their secured data carrying without any loss. It is one of the major reason why these are used to Home Theater Systems as these can carry complete 1080p videos with audio bit streams.


Generally, while connecting Home Theater Systems with cables other than HDMI, we might be forced to connect multiple cables from Source to Receiver and others to HDTV or Monitor. While the HDMI cable will break the shackles.

These are also used for connecting some digital cameras as well as HD camcorders. Using HDMI 1.3c version, we can connect our Smart Phones, micro connectors or HD camcorders or other small devices to HDTVs/Monitors in which one end of HDMI 1.3c version is small supporting the smaller devices while the receiver pin will be the same and this leads to fast transfer of information.

One should keep in mind that HDMI cables can transmit 1080p videos within the range that is not more than 50 feet. So, make sure, you place the receiver close to the source. These are some of the best uses of the HDMI cables that help us to enjoy various audio and video playbacks on our HDTV. But like any other thing, they need maintenance too.

Article by Siddartha Thota, who loves to write about Technology and SEO Stuff at www.GadgetCage.org.