Nowadays, having an HDTV and a couple of speakers isn’t enough if you want to have an epic home theater experience. The technology used to make television and movies is better than ever. New camera and better audio technology make entertainment more “entertaining” than ever. That means that the ante is upped for home technology lovers too!

No worries though --- there are still plenty of ways to improve and enhance your existing home theater setup. Depending on your budget and current setup, there may be a bunch of tweaks you can make right away.

Here are four ways to geek out your home theater and create a mind-blowing movie or TV experience!

4 Ways to Easily Improve Your Home Theater System

  • Invest in In-wall Speakers

  • Home theater audio is crucial! Audio quality for in-wall speakers has increased a ton in recent years. They look a lot better than free-standing speakers and can be the feature that makes a good home theater setup great. No matter what the d├ęcor and design of your home is, in-wall speakers will seamlessly fit in.

  • Add Another Subwoofer

  • Bass is a crucial component of proper home theater sound and, rightly so, a lot of people spring for a big, booming subwoofer. However, the best option might be 2 smaller subwoofers. This creates a clearer, crisper bass sound and can help evenly distribute the bass among the room. Studies have shown that 2 smaller subwoofers offer a better listening experience than 1 large one. Try setting the two subs up in the middle of the front/back walls or the middle of the two side walls in your room.

  • Install an LED Backlight

  • Nothing sets the mood for a movie like LED backlighting. A few inexpensive LED lights can transform a living or theater room into a movie-watching mecca. Certain TVs can even dynamically change the ambient lighting depending on the mood of the music or film. It is like having a different room for everything you watch! LED backlight kits are pretty inexpensive and there are plenty of DIY guides online.

  • Stream Away

  • Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video have revolutionized home theater. Instead of spending thousands building up a DVD and Blu-Ray collection, smart consumers will just subscribe to a video streaming service or two and have a massive selection of films and televisions shows ready to watch at a moment’s notice. Be sure you have a solid Internet connection coming into your home if you plan on doing a lot of streaming. There’s nothing worse than getting a “buffering” message in the middle of a car chase scene or intense dialogue.

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