iPhone 5 rumors have been circling for the past year. Now that the release of the new phone comes closer each day, new features are getting confirmed and some rumors are getting dubbed as true. The release date has not formally been released but rumors are flying that it will be later in the fall, around October. What feature are you most excited for about the new smartphone?

iPhone 5 Rumours, Specs & Features

Screen Size

The iPhone screen is expected to change to compete with the other larger screened phones. I actually like the current iPhone size because it fits into my pocket. I can understand if you have larger fingers because it can be hard to text at times. The iPhone phone screen is expected to get wider and longer. This is expected to be the biggest change in the iPhone for cellphone users.

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iPhone 5 specs features

Screen Quality

If you own any Apple product, the screen quality is always amazing. It also continues to get even better with each generation of new products. The new iPad has an amazing screen, and the iPhone 5 is also expected to get an improved screen. You do not have to be into watching videos are your phone, but it makes a huge difference when looking at digital photographs on your phone.

Dock Connector

I'm pretty disappointed about this particular feature. The dock connector is expected to change size and will become much smaller. Anyone with an iPod dock built into their house or car will no longer have a use for it after the iPhone 5. Also, basically all accessories will be useless as well. This can be inconvenient because it's going to cause us more money. Apple's excuse is the phone will have more room in it with the new connector.

Production Is In Process

So if you do not like anything you are reading, you out of luck because production is said to be in process. Chances are, you will have to wait until the iPhone 6 to come out before you can make a decision on whether you like the phone or not. On the plus side, with the release of the iPhone5, the cost of the iPhone 4S is going to drop dramatically. So if you want an iPhone at an affordable cost, this may be an opportunity to get the iPhone, even if it's an older addition. Just think, you can finally install Instagram if you are converting from a BlackBerry or Nokia.

iPhone 5 Rumoured Features and Specs (Video)