Blackberry India and BBM are offering a great giveaway for its users. They are giving away free guaranteed merchandise like BlackBerry BBM Tees, BlackBerry BBM Coffee Sipper, BlackBerry BBM Sling Bags.

They will embed these free BlackBerry BBM merchandise with your BBM pin in the form of barcod on it. To get these free BlackBerry BBM merchandise, all you have to do is to just fill up a simple form with required information and you will receive a guaranteed merchandise of your choice delivered at your home.

BlackBerry is Giving Away Guaranteed BBM Customized Merchandise T Shirt, Sling Bag and Coffee Sipper... Get Yours Now

Merchandise availble in this offer are -

1. Exclusive BlackBerry BBM T-shirt with your personalised BBM barcode on it.

2. Exclusive BlackBerry BBM Coffee Sipper with your personalised BBM barcode on it.

3. Exclusive BlackBerry BBM Sling bag with your personalised BBM barcode on it.

Sounds exciting, right? Then just follow the steps given below to receive your free BlackBerry BBM merchandise.

How To Get Free BlackBerry BBM Customized Merchandise

1. Visit the below link

Click Here to Visit BlackBerry Giveaway Page

2. Fill the form with all required information and submit it.

Do not forget to share the images of the customized BBM merchandise you receive.