Nokia created lots of news when they launched their first series of Android smartphone Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL. Though it was a big news for gadget lovers, the Nokia X Android smartphone didn’t please them as the Nokia Android smartphones are low in terms of specs. But the low price of the devices, justify the hardware specs of the Nokia X Series Android smartphones.

Another thing which highly disappointed the Nokia and Android lovers is that the Nokia X series smartphone are not having the official Google Play Store. Instead of that, it is having an app store of its own from where you can download the Android apps and games on your Nokia X devices.

Nokia Android Smartphone Features and UI

We all know in terms of the quantity and variety, Google Play Store rules. If you are the owner of a Nokia X Android smartphone then there is a good news for you. Now, you can root your Nokia X, X+ and XL Android smartphone and install Google Play Store to get the access to thousands of useful app and entertaining games.

If it sounds interesting to you then, just follow the steps given below to root your Nokia X series Android smartphone and install the Google Play Store on the Nokia X, X+ and XL Android smartphone. Keep in mind that rooting your Nokia X phone will void its warranty and you are the responsible person for performing this task on your Nokia device. If anything goes wrong or your device gets bricked then, the Geeky Stuffs will have no responsibility of it.

HOW TO : Root Nokia X, X+ and XL Android Smartphone

1. First of all, charge the battery of your Nokia X phone to full.

2. Take the backup of all your important data like contacts, SMS, call logs etc.

3. Now, enable the USB Debugging mode on your device by going to Settings --> Applications --> Development.

4. Now, download the below three files from the links given as you need them to root your Nokia X, X+ and XL phone and install the Google Play Store. After downloading, copy and place all these three files on your phone. Nokia X_Gapp is a zip file, unzip it and place all the extracted files on your device.

Download Frameroot 1.9.1

Download Nokia X_Gapp

Download ES File Explorer

5. Install the Frameroot 1.9.1 app and open it.

6. From the option showing on the dropdown menu, select the install SuperSu and then select Gandalf as shown in the below image.

HOW TO : Root Nokia X, X+, XL and Install Google Play Store

7. Once the installation of the SuperSU is completed, you will receive a notification messages saying “Success :-) … Superuser and su binary installed. You have to reboot your device” as shown in the above image. Just tap on the OK button to restart your phone.

8. Now, your Nokia X, X+ or XL device is rooted.

HOW TO : Install Google Play Store on Nokia X, X+ and XL Android Smartphones

1. Install the ES File Explorer app on your phone now and open it.

2. Enable the Root Explorer in the ES File Explorer.

3. Copy all extracted application from Nokia X_Gapp zip file to the system using ES File Explorer. Then, change permission of all the applications that you copied earlier as shown in the below picture.

HOW TO : Root Nokia X, X+, XL and Install Google Play Store

4. Now, install all apps extracted from the Nokia X_Gapp zip file. Once the installation of all apps are finished, reboot your Nokia X phone.

5. After the reboot, you should be able to see the Google Play Store on your Nokia X, X+ or XL device. Just open the app and use your Google account to start using it.